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  • The remakes in general are good, now if only HGSS had better leveling...

    Lol, that's fast. I see. That's Is true enough, but I meant how in the games where you fight Red he's still dull. The kinds that annoy me the most are the Playstation 4 fanbase, Sonic's, and some more. The irony if he did lol.

    They could probably ask another company to make it.
    DP Remakes gonna be good.

    I thought he was cool in origins and the manga, but it's just that people always like the origins red and game red. You know the latter who's got even less personality than a bowl of rice. His fanbase is starting to make me hate him too. Ash, he's always been my favorite thing about the franchise, he's the one who showed me the appeal in Pokémon, everything. Paul would sue you for infringing his trademark on his catchphrase lol. Agreed. Thanks.

    But that does take time for Game Freak, a lot of it.
    It really would, first thing is add more Grass and Fire types. IKR? Most are excited though.

    He really did, I'd say that's one of my favorite DP episodes, and Pokémon episodes in general. His fanbase is full of babies who whine about how he's so cool and how much Ash sucks, they even make a ton of demotivation posters of Ash looking like a moron. At least Ash has more badges at this point, and has more experiences traveling for a long time. The plot heaviness was so good.

    It'd work, maybe that could be the Stadium-style game for the Wii U that connects to ORAS for HD contest fun.
    I hope they'll be better than the originals, cause the gameplay in DP was so slow, and more Pokémon in the Sinnoh Dex would be good. Im thinking when the next Nintendo Handheld is out, then we can expect one. Neat, I've been most excited for Hoenn though lol.

    Yup, all that hard work, just trashed to pieces at the lake, came back at the league and demolished Paul's new team. That's just amazingly cool, better than that overrated trainer who's dead (Red). Agreed, it's why I liked DP in the first place.

    And free control would be possible on the Wii U, now if only there was a way for all 721 Pokémon to fit...
    People who hate Hoenn, or are waiting for DP remakes lol. All of the teams had something good, but DP's team did take out Paul's Pokémon at the league even though they lost brutally to him before. Agreed.

    The Wii U would be able to handle all the contest things well. Any kind excites me lol.

    Who can't wait to get it? It was so strong and didn't look like a team of babies *stares at Ash's Johto and Unove Teams* Only a person with no skill would do that.

    Wish you could do contests like in the anime, maybe a Contest spin off game on the Wii U?

    I was looking all day yesterday at the mall, nearly fainted from heat too. You can fight all the previous Gym Leaders and Champions right?
    It would be better for a few changes. Ash's DP team was so powerful, if only Trollbias didn't exist.

    Ikr? I liked them too.

    Yeah, never got or played it. I heard it's very good.
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