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  • Yo, in your signature, it says unova has 6 event pokemon. However it only has Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect
    Because learning how to scuba dive is useful! /sarcasm

    Ooh, I see, you decided to deploy the ol' "human airbag." Very smart.

    Miniguns are a solid choice; I wouldn't know how to start my day with out firearms (GEDDIT?).
    Niiice, now you can scuba dive anywhere!

    Oh damn, that sounds rough...how'd you get hurt so badly? To clarify, what did you crash your bike into?

    Aw...but I'm not a dumbass (I think...I though) lol.

    Hah, flaming chainsaws? That's so 1970's. I replaced mine with rocket launchers.
    Lol oh well. We'll come up with something. Preferably with Whimsicott.

    How are you anyway? We haven't spoken for a while. x)
    Whoa, certified scuba diver? Awesome, lol.

    Are you alright? Like, is it just an "ow, my body," or like "OMFG I have to go to the hospital"?

    You're at a hotel? Oh, I see, so you're a full-time Smogoner now. Lol Sppf not cool enough for you?

    Arms generally are painful things. I had arms once, but they were really annoying. Lol.
    OT: Nice complete lack of TrickScarf, that'll get you far.

    The AI switches whenever it's locked into a status or immune move. It will also get a crit and freeze you every time it uses Blizzard. >.>
    well damn.
    You mean my sig?

    Yes i know :/
    Thats why I put Fear the power of Pre Gen3 pokemon

    I suppose its hard to understand, i did word it awfully, but i meant :
    Fear the power of pokemon that either come from 3rd gen or before it

    lol i fail :l

    About the gyarados thing...
    lets just have our own opinions!
    After all, pokemon would be boring if everyone used the same pokemon.
    Hahaha, then you could change you name to Ungulatemod?

    Also, random, but I think you're the only person I've known
    to always have the same avatar. Why shiny Scizor?
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