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Last Activity:
Aug 24, 2011
Mar 30, 2009
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Miltank Man!, from Cambodia

ungulateman was last seen:
Aug 24, 2011
    1. Kerech
      Hah, you're right. I'm partly to blame for that; I've been meaning to at least properly introduce myself, but I kept thinking that everything I said was stupid. >.>
    2. Kerech
      Thought I'd drop by and say hey, since we've never spoken before.
    3. AlCario
      So perhaps he doesn't appreciate it. Last time I checked, insults weren't meant to be.

      Don't take me seriously though. I was just trolling.
    4. Pathfinder
      Thanks for the welcome =)
    5. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      For some reason by moving that topic to IGTR Serebii glitched and thinks everything is IGTR (which I can't mod).

      I look in on that. I never really visit IGTR..
    6. Magnets
      I guess because it's the most challenging thing in-game, but that is a good question.

      Lol, that's two more than I have.
    7. Magnets
      The reason I dislike the CM/ID Lucario set is not that I find it ineffective; on the contrary, it worked very well. However, it takes a long time to use, and I'm not a very patient person :P
    8. Noctourniquet
      Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause any offence. I understand completely what you're getting at and tbh, I'm much "lazier", so to speak, than you. Looking through recent threads you're in far more of them than I am, so. Tbh I'm just taking a break for a while, as it seems to be doing the same to me as it is to you.

      Also damn you for ninjaing me on Magnets' team. >:
    9. Umbreon-dana
    10. Noctourniquet
      Hahaha, I know it was kinda pointless, but I just had to. Glad you liked it.
    11. Noctourniquet
      Hm? I thought you played competitively, lol. Never mind then.

      It just seemed strange to me, really. I wouldn't say it was in the same league as Garchomp... And Latias getting moved seemed strange, too. Meh.
    12. Noctourniquet
      If you say so.


      Anyway, have you heard of what Smogon might be doing to Salamence? D:
    13. Noctourniquet
      I suppose so, and it'll be good to tell them who the best raters were I guess. God is good? D:
    14. Noctourniquet
      Cool then. I might post the team later today, if I get round to it, although it might upset some of the newer raters who think they're godly a little bit. And it's also kinda TerryBait.
    15. Noctourniquet
      Well, tbh, you can obviously have only six Pokémon on a team and I won't be able to stretch them that much, and I can get both you and randomn00b done with Scizor, so yeah. I'm stretching it already by using Vaporeon for V4E and Lydia, so.
    16. Noctourniquet
      Well thank God I'm not the only one. I swear that 90% of what he does is just PC+1 or bitching with peacemaker.

      I saw. You can't really tell very much from the post, but they give me confidence just because they noticed that there's a shift key on their keyboard. Which is more than most can do immediately.

      pink sitty is from waylt in Misc. Polls. It was originally going to be a favourite members' team but I've decided to change it to past and present raters, so you'll be on it now. I'm assuming you'll share Scizor with randomn00b?
    17. Noctourniquet
      True, although he's becoming inactive it seems. Or it could just be me not noticing...

      Mehh, HoundoomFlare's decent. Gligari is lol. Peacemaker needs moar shift key.
    18. Noctourniquet
      Dropping in to say hi. Since we appear to be the only two voices of sanity left in IGRMT. D:
    19. [GS]
      I'm too indecisive for these pre-set avatar groups... >_>
    20. AlCario
      Lol @ Bidoof starters.
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    156 Pokemon in the Unova dex. 6 of them are event Pokemon.
    151 Pokemon in the Kanto dex. 1 of them is an event Pokemon.

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