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Recent content by ungulateman

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    The New Single Rates Thread - Follow the format in the OP!!

    Actually, the nature boost is larger on an EV trained stat, so you should focus on one stat and not split the Nature and EVs (barring special cases like Specially Defensive Blissey).
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    I was actually counting Landorus and Kyurem, as you don't need them to complete the Unova...

    I was actually counting Landorus and Kyurem, as you don't need them to complete the Unova Pokedex. They also have Unova Dex numbers higher than 150.
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    Pokemon LIKE A BOSS moments

    I have struggled to find a Cryogonal for weeks in my copy of White. My Battle Subway streak was halted by a dickhead Cryogonal who spammed Sheer Cold at my entire team. Guess what I did to the shiny one I found. Like a boss.
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    The New Single Rates Thread - Follow the format in the OP!!

    Base 80 speed, genius. :3 Zebstrika @ Life Orb Naughty / Motor Drive - Wild Charge - Flame Charge - Overheat - Thunderbolt / Hidden Power (if it's a good type)
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    The New Single Rates Thread - Follow the format in the OP!!

    Woo HaxGallade set Gallade @ Scope Lens Adamant / Steadfast 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe - Focus Energy / Swords Dance - Psycho Cut - Cross Chop - Night Slash critcritcrit
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    Which generation brought the most competitive pokemon

    Mechanics-wise, 4th Gen. The physical-special split <33333. Pokemon-wise, 5th Gen by a mile. Game Freak suddenly decided to go 'LAWL POWER CREEP'.
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    Hardest NPC ever fought,ever.

    Ghetsis, obviously. I had to stall it out of Focus Blast PP so I could HJK it with Scrafty. It survived. More Revive-stalling ensued. None of the others are really that challenging, although the Champion-esque NPCs are sort of hard. They all lead with easy-to-set-up-on Pokemon, though.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Found a shiny Duosion recently. :D Mediocre nature, but it's pretty so yeah. :3
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    No this is not me coming back or anything

    yay Samurott @ Leftovers Modest / Torrent - Scald - Ice Beam - Grass Knot - Encore Darmanitan @ Muscle Band Adamant / Sheer Force - Fire Punch - Rock Slide - Earthquake - Flare Blitz Lilligant @ Wise Glasses Modest / Own Tempo - Sleep Powder - Quiver Dance - Petal Dance -...
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    challenge team

    dragon/ground hits everything except skarm and lev zong so that works with water slack off / bulk up / return / shadow claw should be fine for in-game, just switch away from rocks/steels (or use BB instead of shadow claw and do the same for ghosts). not much to say really
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    Ingame Single Rates/Single Movesets Requests

    Latias @ Choice Scarf Timid / Levitate 248 HP / 8 SpD / 248 Spe - Trick - Thunder Wave - Charm - Flash Latias @ Leftovers Timid / Levitate 248 HP/ 8 Def / 252 Spe - Substitute - Calm Mind - Dragon Pulse - Recover derp derp derp
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    Official Metagame Updates and Discussion Thread

    We'll see a BL list being formed at some point once OU is better organised. It's a bit early still to concentrate on the lower tiers. I really hope Zapdos (along with Starmie and Gengar) makes it back into OU though. :[
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    Official Serebii 5th Gen Tier List & Standard Rules Discussion Thread

    A Pokemon being reliant on an item to perform well isn't new. (CurseLax only really worked because of Leftovers, Blissey, Scarf Flygon, to a lesser extent CB Scizor.) I really don't see why the Eviolite should be banned if it improves the metagame's variety.
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    Competitive Single Rates (5th Gen Standard OU) - READ FIRST POST

    lolno. Dragonite @ Life Orb 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Inner Focus Adamant / Jolly - Dragon Dance - Roost - Dragon Claw / Outrage - Earthquake / Fire Punch You either have trouble with Heatran or Skarmory. I'd go with Fire Punch for Ferrothorn, but to each his own. You could also drop...