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  • Well, you can always RP with me. Both of mine are running kinda slow with my bigger one having a greater chance of dying which would SUCK.

    If I made a new RP, would you consider joining?
    I Had to drop in and tell you that your Ash Ketchum Is the Man fan fic had me crying LOL I have not laughed like that in weeks..The part about Pro. Oak and him using Ash's pokemon for testing had me laughing so loud I woke my little brother up. CLASSIC Well Done!
    Merci! I was going to buzz you and ask when's maria coming back seeing as everyone is a day ahead right now. Methinks our characters need some sleep! xD
    Heya Unicorn!
    If you don't mind, I think I'm gonna have Madison move along with the timeline for the Persona RP. I don't think their conversation was going anywhere anyway, and we need to see some action! xD
    Sorry my post is sloppy and awkward, I was still a little confused and stuff and I wasn't comfortable bunnying people haha.

    But It should get better along now that im basically caught up:)
    Can we use our powers?

    Or are we like fist fighting lol. and its us not our pokemon riiiight? lloll
    I'm sorry I have been absent for so long, a lot of things have been coming up, but I have returned. I tried to catch up for your RPG, but its a little over whelming lol. But from what I skimmed/read we are in a training room, with adrian? And we are to fight each other or what? If you can give me a quick, one second update, that would be helpful. But it is my responsiblity to catch up on my own, so if you feel I should do that let me know, and ill take some time read most of it before my next post. ^^, sorry for the bother :)
    Hey, sorry about my disappearance, my computer was out for pretty much the entirety of last month, and it just got fixed recently. I'm going to have to drop out of the rp, I'm sorry, I've just fallen too far behind.
    Probally wont be able to update this week, due to studying for finals. Ill be back next week: )
    Hey! Sorry this is (very) late, but thanks for the review in The Village! I will (eventually) edit my post accordingly, and then wait for replies. ^o^
    Hey, how you doing? You can update your RPG. Hope you're well and if you can, join my RPG. We're moving into Chapter I soon.
    Ahh I just go for pubs and restaurants n stuff like that. I don't think I could hack it working in a fast food restaurant. the shame of it! ooo Work in a coffee shop! that's classy for young adults like us :p
    I just went back to my old Job at the Cider Farm down the road. I don't like it. its...its...HARD WORK Dx 9-5, 6 days a week, rather low pay...
    Yeah I'm alright now. Sorry I haven't posted. Honestly, I've been a wee bit busy and lazy at the same time...like going on a 4 day drinking spree after my last exam finished, then spending the next like, 3 days recovering, then moving back home and working. But fear not! I'll have something up tonight. I might as well. Got nothing better to do ;) How are ye anyways?
    Okay, I figured while I was on now, I could make a small post. So I did, and I might not post again til thursday, or if I find internet.
    Sorry, I'm going on vacation for a few days, if I find internet, I'll post, but expect me back thursday, :)
    I'll post tommorrow, I promise. But I'll be with Sacchio! So sorry for the inconvinence, I was just like outa it for like a month. >.<
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