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  • Yeah, a little situation, I don't know which one I'm with. Sacchio mentioned only two people, but I planned to go with him. So I can't slip myself in there?

    If not it's okay, I'll just go with Palkia. Just let me know where Dekk is and I'll make my post.
    Hi! For The Village, I'm wondering if you'd take Toasted Butter as an Apprentice. This is the sign-up.
    It's ok. I self edited.... (still might be terrible)

    I sent you version 1 of my RPG. The finalized version 4 is now up. :) go check it out if you get the chance! :D
    *sigh* spent 3 hours finalizing my SU post for my RPG. I sent it to RaZor LeAf for approval or not. Hopefully it's approved or i wasted my precious homework time DX
    if you have time, can you please review my Preview sign up? I think its done but i need your opinion.
    Thanks! :) typing it up now...

    OH, and I like how the emperor's crown resemble's Empoleon's crown:) smarrrt!
    its ok, im making my RPG so if you never heard of hugner games, you will still be able to play. it'll be up later. lemme know what you think :)

    you wanna play ? or no? its kay if you dont. jus wondering. :)!
    okkaaay so i got this idea for an RPG. it's based off the book series, "The hunger games" if you ever read or heard of it? im waiting for some permission first. But if I get the OK then i might be able to start my own RPG! O: im excited. but not too excited, in fear it might not even happen. *Shrugs*
    lol so basically we are just going to wait a week? but what about ppl who are like just sitting there and such. just sit there until saturday? lol.

    oooh... ooooh... how about everybody arrives at 11:30... (the pppl who choose to go) and then we just discuss it (IC of course) until saturday... when it turns 12:00.

    nvm too confusing >.<
    Hahahaha, that's good!

    So we r at the entrace of the portal... This is a "now what" stage.... Do we just wait there? Lol
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