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  • Bleh, i changed my mind. I feel its such a waste of a post basically incorporating my pokemon into a post. so yeah, ditching that idea. they will jst come up randomly, i guess. lol
    yay, ok. im going to have like a bunch of pokemon be at my house ok? since itd be hard to make me catch randomly a bunch of pokemon i like. so ill work the pokemon i have into my next post. thanks:)

    anyways, is it possible to have more than 6 and have some in storage/at home?
    its alright, if nothing major happens my character could just take a really long nap...

    oor... oor... catch new pokemon? *eh, eh?* ;D
    well, im stuck. lol. i have no idea what i should post. lol, its been moving kinda slow in the RPG .lol
    ugh, its like the countries test.... you get tested on only 35 countries... but u dont know which countries so you have to memorize them all. -.-

    that really sucks, i hope you did good! O:
    hahahahahah, thats good tho! high standards = only the good people get to play in a good RPG.

    hahahahha, are you in college? eh, essays are icky! >.< i just got back from hanging out with my friend, and i still got to finish the power point. ):

    eh, yeah i agree. leave it for now, and see how it goes down. i mean there could be an electric type pokemon, giving a flying orb, now its immune to ground types. -.-

    ooooooh, or make when an orb is given, they gain that type for a little bit. so electric/flying temporarily? idk. lol.
    Oooooooh. OOOOH. OOOOOOOOH! it makes sense now. when DVB first posted in the new eju SU he mentioned "you havent changed from last time." cuz u denied him twice, for like same reasons, with his same SU.

    oh, im in High school, but in our careers class we have to do a power point on a college.

    10 page essay? i would die! My essay i wrote today was like half a page long! (well, its more of a paragraph... yeaaah im going to fail. lol)

    for the power orbs, like absorb into pokemon, its been pretty much ignored in the RPG so far. are you just going to drop that all together? i could already see ways people can mis-use that to ALWAYS win in battles.
    you had a first eju attempt? ooooh, is it different than the current?

    the RPG i wanna start, imma take some time.

    bleh, i finished my essay, and now i need to make a power point presentation for a college. *sigh* lol.
    hahahah, dont worry, cause like, we both talk about the RPG. lol. saturday was spent like most of the day playing pokemon black. and today is homework day. ):

    im thinking of starting my own RPG. i have the concept and main ideas down and stuff, but idk how to make characters be able to fit in it. (oh wow, there i go. talking about RPG's again... i need to get out more :p )
    Yeah I guess..... I feel we are solid in numbers on the RPG now so I dont feel any need to worry. Did you adress The Fad's question in the discussion thread?
    Yeah, I really want her to join, she role played with me in another one and she was good. Her SU is definately not how she would role play. I kinda rushed her, cuz I thought an event would happen soon. I deleted all the help i wanted to give her, im so frustrated! I was actually proud of the work i put into helping her. D:< bleh! but its gone. oh well, nothing i can do now. lol
    hey, im helping UrgoMoth with her sign up. I helped a BUNCH in one post... and clicked delte on accident. i so regret it.

    anywho, i told her to make her character less cliche with the ice typing and what-not. since shes emobdying litteral ice and whatnott.

    (my G,S,P, must be bugging you, sorry im in a rush.)

    (G,S,P = grammar, spelling, punctuation.00)
    Exactly! That's what the debate section is really supposed to be like. Unfortunately it's easy to get really wrapped up in a heated discussion and lose your sense of tact. I have to be careful of that, myself, so I'm very glad that you keep your cool so well. Having people around who can stay level-headed really is good for the environment. =)
    if you have time cna you crtique me? In my few posts in your RPG and stuff... regarding the grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Stuff like that? I wanna post my best, as I like to write long posts for good RPG's. If i have the 3 things in bold in check then ill be fine and comfortable with making a long post. Thanks, but once again, if you have time. Please do not hassle yourself if its not convinient for you. Thanks. :)
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