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  • Oh my you saw my face. Someone dared me to put a picture of of it and it's horribly rotten that I went through with it. It's also nice to see you're alive as well. Hasn't it been like a year?
    oh no, the game itself is out until summer of 2014 , but still, the official release (purchase for the non kickstarter backers) its in like 3-4 moths after the game's created.
    p sure yes UnU

    hey yeah, did you managed to get your homestuck copy (of the kickstarter)?
    ill die if you not man.

    hahaha, ill like to SEE that (ノ⊙‿⊙)ノ 彡┻━┻
    more fun between people !!!, but i think it should be chosen like, at random it would make things "exciting" UuU
    (and thats actually kind of sad :I)

    that **** is kind of tricky dude, i bet the final result it will be relationed to pole dancers, you will have to dance while fighting hehehe (<--SO CANON)

    well, i dont really think online multiplayer costs that much, plus, how do we know that him maybe has more money saved?

    right...also, i think we could have more that one strife specibi- specibus-whatever isnt?

    man! you can bet i was going to write something like that, but then i was like "omg no that sounds wrong" hahaha

    (so, VM then)
    lol forgive my ignorance XD
    What kind of mad? mad of excited or obssesive oor angry...?

    Oh well, as you said, "Its fanbase work" hehe

    LAWL EVERYDAY IM HUSSIE'N *tututututiturutitititititu* HUSSIE'N HUSSIE'N

    We decompose the fridge, he couldn't even chill this Hot *arms crossed in a cool way, smirking and shaking her head to a beat*
    dude, we dont even need that sh1t *finger-gun*

    "You should play ruse roulette with all the chambers loaded", Ghandi................didn't say that, but would had been cool.
    Oh my..Sirius Black? or Snape? LOL
    Maybe i think that because i get Type 6 in a Test hahaha "The Loyalist" isnt?, And yeah, but its still a base, maybe not from a test, but still dude.
    Oh, yup, so there's why it still in my head, that was very wise.

    What does it says about Dave?, because for me, Dirk was really accurate...Yeah, maybe, but the fandom needs something and he's not gonna do it just for a dozen/million of fans about his webcomic. Why? because he's THE HUSS (loool)

    We make ladies fall over our feet *shades shine* *ironically Karkat fell off*

    Oh, i just guessed it.
    LAWL i need time for find them haha >w<

    Ken...Its just a test XD
    Its for fun! not for change your mind/steem/look-like.
    But, i have never seen that point of view about Tests...*gets out Note pad and starts to write* I think that everyone needs something in what to belive, you know...like a base, and multiple things (like relationships, or tests) help to that.
    I think that our lifes are the only original thing in the world, we just uhh "interpret" them different, but not that different.

    Hahaha its interesting take tests, i am not a fan of them, but some are reely good

    Oh, that's cool. I just did it once and im Dirk, the little explanation at the end was a little bit shocking, it was almost like me.

    We are so kawaii cool bro.
    ((i still dont know how your hairstyle is lol))
    Looks like someone throw a stone at my glass wall of life. Sort of getting some stress in and out of me. I've never really been so stressed as much as I have my entire life. But thanks so much for your words-- as they are really helpful.
    You are not the cause, from what she told me, or more so what her brother had to tell me was that I apparently had been doing many wrong things, but she never told me and just abruptly ended it. Although I am not really phased by it because I saw how she didn't really care. I definitely am grateful for your words though sire.

    It's the bad things that you don't want to learn though sadly.

    Wow I didn't know that was a show. You learn something new everyday.
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