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Unknown Guy 960
Last Activity:
Aug 29, 2014
Nov 5, 2010
Likes Received:
In my fantasy, my own world.
Stuck as a student. And I'm too lazy to have a job

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Unknown Guy 960

Goodness Gracideas, from In my fantasy, my own world.

Unknown Guy 960 was last seen:
Aug 29, 2014
    1. WindStorm
      How do I tell what level I am?
    2. WindStorm
      Well I took the test, this is what I got. Just know that I shall retake this test 3 more times today and give you the links so you can compare and see which is most closest to me.

    3. WindStorm
      No it's okay I'm doing the test right now I'm just saying that me, myself am not interested in the results. The questions are fun though.
    4. WindStorm
      Well hell, this is worse than school testing.

      I'm not entirely interested in this right now, but okay.

      Dude no, I would really appreciate it if you didn't mention her. I'm quite mad at her right now. Plus she wouldn't care.
    5. Kokonina

      JUST...OH MY GOD
    6. Kokonina
      Thank you Bro. :3
      Nah, if it gets ready when we get oldy, we could use some space loops, ectobiology os sh1t like that, right?
      Hehe, AH, we needed to gather al the HS fandom, that will make it a lil bit Easier.

      Oh....welp....i think that then, youre right....AS MOTHERGLUBING ALWAYS 38D

      Hahahaha! that was the point Bro! XDDD

    7. WindStorm
      Well, I don't understand anything of my results. But if you want my results...
      Type 4 - 12
      Type 2 - 11
      Type 3 - 10.3
      Type 6 - 9.7
      Type 7 - 9.7
      Type 9 - 9.3
      Type 5 - 8.7
      Type 1 - 7.7

      Wing 4w3 - 17.2
      Wing 4w5 - 16.4
      Wing 3w4 - 16.3
      Wing 2w3 - 16.2
      Wing 3w2 - 15.8
      Wing 2w1 - 14.9
      Wing 5w4 - 14.7
      Wing 7w6 - 14.6
      Wing 6w7 - 14.6
      Wing 6w5 - 14.1
      Wing 5w6 - 13.6
      Wing 9w1 - 13.2
      Wing 1w2 - 13.2
      Wing 1w9 - 12.4
      Wing 7w8 - 9.7
      Wing 9w8 - 9.3
    8. WindStorm
      You cannot judge a dish on it's scent either. UGH.

      Because you're a friendly person. :3 *Slaps tea out of your hand*

      I'm afraid to take this if Kokonina would want to see it lol.
    9. WindStorm
      What have you done to Mr.Giggles?
    10. Kokonina
      You know, i have nothing better to do so ill spam you a little wit HOMESTUCK JOKES

      -What's Gamzee's nickname for his codpiece?
      The land of tents and Mirth

      -Did you hear Vriska got her left arm and left eye blown off?
      I think she's all right now

      -Did you hear about the last time Aradia and Sollux had a date?
      I heard they had a blast.

      -Dave's on a...
      LOW CAL Diet.

      -What's Eridan favorite card game?

      -Vriska killed Tavros...
      Because John its allergic to Peanut Butter.

      -Gamzee isn't treating those claw gashes on his face.
      If he's not careful, he will be Gamzee Ma-scar-a

      -What's Eridan Favorite tipe of music?

      -How did Equius react when he encountered sober Gamzee?
      He got all choked up.

      -What do you call a empty quadrant chart?
      A Serket diagram

      -Have you seen Terezi's new hive?
      She hasn't

      -Why does everyone finds Eridan so pathetic?
      He's only half the man he used to be

    11. Kokonina
      Welp, i already apologized (i know it were a joke, but i felt guilty on my brain), you should do that too, step out your proud Bro.

      Maybe in a distant, DISTANT future, hey...do you had question to your self...who made the game? (on the earth) who developed it?
      *trying to write a theory*
      Bro, truth peace its only reached dying.


      ^^^^^The "Situation" XDDDD
    12. WindStorm
      Screw that I read Home Alone and it was bad enough.

      Well you never said you did like it.

      I have no idea what you're talkin about dood.
    13. WindStorm
      No really that's just messed up for you to give birth to your own mother. That's like giving birth to your own brother! Which has happened before I'm sure. I dont' really want to go into details, but um... yeah...

      Hey it tastes good and it's healthy.

      What link?
    14. WindStorm
      So I'm your mother, yet you're my father? YOU GAVE BIRTH TO YOUR OWN MOTHER?

      I always thought it was tea and crumpets. And honestly I never had tea with cookies, or anything of the sort. It was always just plain tea.
    15. WindStorm
      Nah, I'm secretly your mother. I know everything about you.

      But you have not asked the truth, have you?
    16. WindStorm
      That may be true, be if you would want the honest truth, you actually don't know anything about me really. Kokonina doesn't know anything about me either. You think you know everything, but really you haven't even started the puzzle yet.
    17. Kokonina
      The two of us are guilty, i'll admit that too.

      Inendeed, it would be interesting, maybe we all become mature.
      Something that i learn from HS:
      "Love is watching someone die"

    18. WindStorm
      Well how could they?
    19. WindStorm
      I know yer secret.
    20. Kokonina
      i don't know.
      Oh, ok...
      goodbye then?
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  • About

    In my fantasy, my own world.
    Stuck as a student. And I'm too lazy to have a job
    Favourite Pokémon:
    As you can see, I'm unknown, thus I do not give out information. You'll have to find out yourself.

    Pokemon (obvious), writing stories, joking, chatting with sane yet insane people, and the likes.


    Totally Not A Signature:
    I can gladly conclude to you that I don't have a signature. But if you count this as a signature in itself, do I have a signature or not? If the way of bragging that one has no signature in their signature means that they actually have one, do I have to take this off so I can say that I really have no signature? But if I still insist on bragging about having no signature in my signature which would make me have a signature, what should I do so that I don't have a signature bragging about I don't have a signature that can still brag about not having a signature even though my signature doesn't say that I don't have a signature?