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Unknown Guy 960
Last Activity:
Aug 29, 2014
Nov 5, 2010
Likes Received:
In my fantasy, my own world.
Stuck as a student. And I'm too lazy to have a job

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Unknown Guy 960

Goodness Gracideas, from In my fantasy, my own world.

Unknown Guy 960 was last seen:
Aug 29, 2014
    1. WindStorm
      You really think I'd want her to tell me that? Wow so you don't even trust m-actually never mind I never trusted you in the first place so it's a fair decree.
    2. WindStorm
      You're a demon who feeds off the anger of others.

      Westerns? Dude, I'm BLACK. I'm practically the size of a skyscraper. Hahaha, no. Just kidding.

      I was born with eyes like these, had to get glasses pretty young if I do say so myself.

      Moreso? I don't even understand anymore.

      I'm not even supposed to be a Pikachu I'm supposed to be a Larvitar.

      She should have made you a Jynx though, I warned her...

      I am being myself, and apparently being myself is wanting to be more like you.
    3. WindStorm
      WELL THEN.

      I don't even need to say anything, because knowing that you'll most likely look at me and Kokonina's conversation, just know that I didn't pay her to say that.
    4. Kokonina
      Hehehe :3
      That means that you don't like it?
      Thanks :3

      Trivia: Hahahaha!! You see! i told you!!! its the same story, with you as the Chilled out dude Dave, me as Nepeta, and he as Karkitty
      There should be a crack pairing around all this...
      i repeat: Nny is Jelly ((and yes, i know you will look at this Nny XD))
    5. WindStorm
      HAHAHAHAHAHA sexy mustache. IN YOUR DREAMS. It was my idea too. I wanted her to make you have a butt chin too. But sadly it cannot happen...

      Rectangles? Is it because of my voice?

      Hey that wasn't me it was her. If you want me to edit it myself and show you it wasn't me I'll do it.
    6. WindStorm
      Yes, and after I reply to a bunch of messages because like 8 people are talking to me I shall find a message that includes you with Kokonina as revenge. HA.

      How tall are you anyway? Come at me bro.

      If I don't wear them I won't be able to see much at all anyways.

      Trees? Leaves? I thought you of all people would NOT be into drugs.
    7. WindStorm
      Yeah that's not the original. I talked Kokonina into giving you a mustache. As well as giving me the right type of glasses. She gave me a Harry Potter scar for some reason though.
    8. WindStorm
      Hey I never said I wanted you to stop, I'll find a way to get back at you.

      PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE! Like Kokonina because she's closer to your age. Or Nature Girl or something. Please don't quote this because she will fuss at me so much for talking about her to you.

      The shades will fall off too dude. YOU ARE AN IGNORAMUS
    9. WindStorm
    10. WindStorm
    11. WindStorm
      Well, you sir are one to talk because you're simply getting in someone else's conflicts/socialism. Now see how would you feel if I judged everything you said to Kokonina ehhh?

      Yes, big problem. You do this to no one else. @_@

      But my glasses will fall off.
    12. WindStorm
      Congratulations! You've corrupted Kokonina with your evilness and now she's constantly calling me Casanova and saying that I'm in love with every girl I talk to. -_- GOOD JOB DUDE.
    13. WindStorm
      You know, you're a pervert for thinking that mistake as an innuendo. :3

    14. Kokonina
      Hey, IT HAD TO BE DONE

      PS: Nny's such a Weenie XDDD
    15. Kokonina
      Oh, i though i was the only one ((Not Really)) BLUH
      Who doesnt? and of course, we all like to be surrounded by people with the same interests, for, you know, feeling a part of something.
      Oh well, you know, this thing of schedule its a little annoying.
    16. Kokonina
      "do you ever feel like you like someone a lot more than they like you and then start to feel like you’re just annoying them because while you always want to talk to them they probably don’t always want to talk to you and it stresses you out a lot and then you just start to feel really depressed about it"
      ^ Me in a nutshell.
      im ollie outie, gonna sleep Darling.
      Talk to you later Knight of Doom.
    17. Kokonina
      Te hee hee 0w0
      D'aaw :3, you little charming guy...
      Yup, such Outstanding.
      If you want to be good, then, its not going to be easy.
      Its kinda nice how everyfin can be related to that little evil creation.

      Not a Fact: Already knew it.
      you wise friend of mine *smoke*
      It could be, ypu know, will make the fandom crazy XDDD
      srry brah, this is wat it is. Oh, i didn't knew That lol, you'll be the "Head" of all those strong and stup1d guys who know how to use a weapon and nothing else.

      Ya sure...You know....leaving me alone...BLUH....
    18. Kokonina
      Hahaha yeah! a course! ((Not really)) *smokes*
      "Everybody hates Andrew" <---The new uncoming show.
      OH MY GOOOOOG *along with dun dun music*, But...KK and Terezi (and Gamzee) are still alive isnt? (omg such a coincidence)
      Dont Worry Brah yur wil get alung.
      Hahaha XDDD
    19. Kokonina
      hahaha Youre the huuuge bi0tch then! XDDDD
      Law Bro. Mother fuking Law.
      yeah, i can tell you, since im the one who talks spanish here XDDD
    20. Kokonina
      (Reply to the hole thing of topic)

      Oh, yes, well..there's some sick people in this world. ((like me)), but neh, there's gonna be always that kind of persons.
      of course it is!
      BLUH of course sweetie! one person cant love everyfin about everyfin.

      OMG Malaysia? you speak very well english for being Malaysian LAWL
      hahaha i think i understand you.
      Maybe that's why youre a Knight, for being responsible of what you do, its a mother glubing signal bro.
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  • About

    In my fantasy, my own world.
    Stuck as a student. And I'm too lazy to have a job
    Favourite Pokémon:
    As you can see, I'm unknown, thus I do not give out information. You'll have to find out yourself.

    Pokemon (obvious), writing stories, joking, chatting with sane yet insane people, and the likes.


    Totally Not A Signature:
    I can gladly conclude to you that I don't have a signature. But if you count this as a signature in itself, do I have a signature or not? If the way of bragging that one has no signature in their signature means that they actually have one, do I have to take this off so I can say that I really have no signature? But if I still insist on bragging about having no signature in my signature which would make me have a signature, what should I do so that I don't have a signature bragging about I don't have a signature that can still brag about not having a signature even though my signature doesn't say that I don't have a signature?