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Recent content by Unlucky_Absol

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    Skiyomi's Graphics Shop

    OMG YOU GOT IT PERFECT! I love it! Thank you so much! <3<3<3 I'll be sure to give you credit. <3 Again, thank you!
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    Skiyomi's Graphics Shop

    Everlasting Flame of Blue What kind of graphic do you want? Avatar What size/dimensions should this graphic be? 100x100 What picture would you like me to use? This What colors would you like used predominantly? Um, purple and dark greens? I dunno. What, if anything, would you like this...
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    Itoshii Graphics

    Ugh, this is hard to explain... xD Uhhh, I'm gonna try explain this as best as I can... :3 You could make one of your 100x100 squares, but with a circle in the middle, the circle would be the largest it could be in the 100x100 square... And you just do stuff in that circle while leaving...
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    Itoshii Graphics

    Uh, sorry. xD Yeah, the actual avatar needs to be a circle. :3 Like the circle in your banner... Yar? :3 *Fades away*
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    Itoshii Graphics

    Niceeee stuff. :3 Yeaaah, I'm requesting a icon for another site, but I will give credit... but the Icon might be a little different to what you normally do. ._. Here's what the site says... Avatars must meet the requirements below, and any not meeting these requirements will be denied...
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    Im so happy right now

    A plain ol' Eevee for a Legit untrained Dialga, on the GTS. Heh, sucker.
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    Favorite Video Game Quotes

    Pretty much everything GLaDoS says In Portal, But mostly.. "If you love that thing so much, why don't you marry it? WELL I WON'T LET YOU! How does that feel?" "You will be baked, and then there will be cake." "Weeeeeeeeeee..." and especially,
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    BlazingFury's Request Shop!

    Woah. This is perfect! It's just how I wanted it! My sig won't be changing anytime soon :D Thank you SO much! (Srly, Awesomeness.)
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    What was the very first pokemon you've ever seen?

    I'm pretty sure It was Pikachu. I think I saw it on the first episode of the anime.
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    BlazingFury's Request Shop!

    Banner please! 1) Image(s): There really was a cake. Are you still there? 2) Style: Grey, red, white and black, make it like hopeful but... evilish. Make sure the text is off the pics. 3) Text: "Still Alive." 4) Size: The biggest the forum wll allow please. Thanks a ton!
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    Ledian.. bug/fighting?

    Isn't Ledian mean't to be sort of like a superhero pokemon? I'm sure I Remember something like that, it looks like one too. Anyway, If what I just said is true then it should be Bug/Fighting and have far better stats, 'cos ledian is one of the best bugs in my opinion.
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    If you could only pick ONE Pokémon to be yours, who would it be?

    Umm, I Guess Absol, no reason. I just like them.
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    Do you have any pokemon that you don't want to evolve?

    I wouldn't dare let my Lvl 63 Poochyena evolve, Poochyena is just too awesome, Mightyena is awesome too, but not as awesome as Poochyena. I've also got a lvl 72 Treecko, I Left it in the day care a long time ago, and forgot all about it, But it was the day care center where you can only put...
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    If you were a Gym Leader what type of pokemon would you use?

    Dark type, Houndoom, Crawdaunt, Weavile Honchrow, Tyranitar and Absol. Of course, Such a team already exsists.
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    Worst Legendary Pokemon?

    Hmmm, Shaymin, What's so legendary about it?