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  • Why do you have my friends signature?
    Even I have started on my latest projects.....History(on textiles in the 1800's),Chemistry(extraction of metals;almost finished)and Physics(Force and Pressure;finished it yesterday).
    Oh,I see........

    What did the troublemaker do?

    When you finish the script,PM me,ok?

    Internet connection back to normal for me;wasn't working for some time......
    How did your projects go?

    I now have a long weekend ahead of me,so I am largely free for the next week and a half on account of our school day..............
    Oh dear.......I also had a lot of work last week.

    What with having to write 2 tests a day,do some stupid,pointless Copper painting which has to be submitted by end of August,finish my Bio herbarium project(stick different plant species on herbarium sheets and classify them WITH their uses)and do a LOT of work in Algebra on Squares,Cubes,Square and Cube roots.

    We had to do around 60 sums in a week along with studying for 2 tests each day,so I am enjoying free time for 3 weeks after which my exams start.

    I think it is time you started doing your stuuf.

    Like you said...........just surfing the net.Thankfully,not much homework since I finished all of it at school.

    School day coming up next week and all the teahers are busy with rehersals,so not much work to do.

    Except my History project which I am working on.Som stuff on crafts in the 1800's.....
    lol. Well yeah I know. Need to find out education now since thats the most important thing now.
    Well I'll give you the 411 right now. right now people are choseing pokemon they want to have as canidates, because you'll all take a survey even people who are ging to be trainers to figure out what pokemon in their choices is most like them.
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