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  • Thanks, just looked it up, most of the sites said that it would take a swords dance to OHKO with Extremespeed but who knows was a really close game hope we get another one soon :p
    Change up on my team is better though right ? Didn't really get to use my Baton pass Ninjask cause of your Lead but yeah woulda powned with Breloom :p

    I will battle anyone. Rules are:
    OU tier. 6v6. No D/C. No hax items.
    If you want Ubers, tell me that or I assume OU (i like ubers 2!). Also if you have a d/c issue like a bad connection or hate losing, inform me (i never d/c myself and i hate d/c'ers). thank you all and have fun battling!
    PS: Private Message me for battle requests please where i usually check for battles.
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