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  • I had a dream people thought we were the same person IN REAL LIFE becuase at a party of all the people only us 2 made choclate muffins instead of normal muffins. XD
    Thought you would like that.
    Welcome to Serebii Forums, Unova Master! I'm Lyralover1022, and if you have problems or questions or just want to chat, send me a visitor message!
    In case you don't know (since you are new), delete posts by pressing the edit button on the bottom right corner of your post and then there should be something asking if you want to delete your post. After that, learn that you have to sign up in sign up threads which will only be open until the RPG itself starts.
    Delete your post in the Wonderful World of Pokemon. You never signed up n the sign up thread, so you can't join.
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