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Hi there, I'm Jack. I've been writing on and off since 2006. I used to have a 120k word epic fanfiction about pokémorphs - my only surviving fanfiction project is a successor to that work.

It's a story about pokémon-human hybrids, personhood, the implications of advanced genetic engineering, pokémon sapience, and personal agency. It's also a story about a cat who wants to be a person, and how she becomes one.

Me? I'm 23, British, a uni grad with a BA in creative writing. I'm an aspirant professional writer. I like cats, speculative fiction, strategy games, Mars, history, Esperanto, artificial intelligence, food, and pokémon, in no particular order. My avatar is obviously a photorealistic depiction of me.

You're very welcome to say hi! I'm always up for a chat.
Aug 31, 1994 (Age: 26)
Favourite Pokémon


Hi there, I like cats, SF/F, strategy games, Mars, history, AI, and Esperanto. Pleased to meet you!
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