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  • They really aren't paid well, it is a real bummer :/

    I feel bad for those who live off stuff they microwave....it's so gross xD And the internet can actually have some of the best recipes....it's awesome.

    Exactly. You can be close to God without being religious, and that's what I'm going to try for a bit.

    Trust me....I've had my share of guys already. And I prefer being with one person I care about.....I'm not getting committed or anything, I have been broken and smashed over the past couple years. And I like this guy (he makes me smile and feel better about myself more than I could ever imagine), so why not give him a shot lol.

    Awww he sounds sweet :)
    LOL never heard Canadians called cool. But yes, I indeed am awesome :p
    Oh wow nice aspirations, seeking to be helpful to others as a profession, nice!

    Yah I love cooking, I am really quite amazing in the kitchen, no specific area though......except I know I will not be a baker (I am horrible with desserts).
    Yah, God has always been close to my heart. Kinda had doubts lately....but I'll figure that all out with time.
    And yah.....it's difficult to explain. He call's me his "boy-toy in training", it's like an on/off relattionship that never really turned off. I care about him so much.
    What about your guy?
    Very interesting.
    I am a big Canadian guy with more issues than I'd like to think. I have spent much of my life paying off the dept of my parents and am now saving to go to culinary school. I used to be highly involed with religion and was being considered for many privileges before I came out and was disfellowshipped. I kinda have a boyfriend, but not really. Hmmmmm......and that's all you need to know for now :p
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