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  • You're in luck, got em both! And no worries about anything in exchange, my FC: 2939-0726-3910
    Hey there, I have a HA Drampa for you. Might even have the Druddigon, but no promises on that one.
    Thank you too! Sorry it took so long, but I appreciate your patience. ^^; They look good to me! Thanks!
    In my profile. I need to clone stuff, I will let you know when I'm ready.
    Ugh I'm so sorry I missed you, things changed after all and I lost track of everything. >> I will try to see if you are around today but I am also busy so I might not catch you.
    Cool, I should be around at my normal trade times, but if something changes I'll let you know. Thanks!
    Sounds good. I have several of each though, which nature did you want? They are as follows:
    Shiny Sceptile (Male, Lv. 50, Jolly, UT, こくら)
    Shiny Sceptile (Male, Lv. 50, Adamant, UT, ながさき, 31/31/31/x/31/31)
    Shiny Sceptile (Male, Lv. 50, Timid, UT, くまもと, 31/x/31/31/31/31)
    Shiny Swampert (Male, Lv. 50, Adamant, UT, ながさき)
    Shiny Swampert (Male, Lv. 50, Brave, UT, さが)
    Shiny Swampert (Male, Lv. 50, Adamant, UT, させぼ)
    Unfortunately this weekend I am busy so it would have to be next weekend (the 10th for me).
    Okay! You will need to tell me what you wanted (as they seem to both be in eggs, that will total 6 credits, so you can choose anything that totals it.) Unfortunately I am out of town this weekend and do not have my Wed trade times anymore. I will have to get back to you on a time once I check my schedule as well.
    Hello there! I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, but I believe you had a Bagon and Inkay bred for me, yes? Let me know if you are still interested in trading!
    Hey I saw your post. I can get you a HA dreamball execute. Can I get a HA marianie?
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