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Call me Finnegan!

*****Life is keeping me very busy and I won't be on much. I retain my claims to anything I've made because I will be coming back as a fully active member again, just not for a while.*****

About me is too hard, so I just answered all the X and Y profile questions:

What's your Nature?-

What do you like about Pokemon?-
Raising Pokemon

How do you like to battle?-
It's a secret! (battle me to find out!)

What item do you use most often?-

What's your favorite type of music?-
Rock (Game Themes is a super close 2nd)

What time of day do you like best?-

What is your favorite place to be?-
At a Pokemon Center (the one in NYC is awesome!)

How do you spend your free time?-
Tie between Reading, Watching movies, and Playing video games

What's important to you?-

What's your secret?-
I actually have kids of my own! (small, fuzzy kids- normal people call them rats)

What do you want from others?-
Feel free to invite me to something!

What's your favorite Pokemon type?-
Fire (though I do have at least one Pokemon I really like of each type)

What is your favorite colour?-

What do you do?-
Make things (I use sculpey clay to make Pokemon figurines, they'll be posted on my profile soon)

What's your favorite fashion style?-

What kind of stories do you like?-
Science fiction, horror, and fantasy (Star Trek/Wars; The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Silence of the Lambs; The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials, and The Bronze Horseman (which is actually Historical Fiction))

I'd also just like to point out my obsessions:
My pet rats, Deadpool, Skyrim, Pokemon (shiny hunting and Charizard in particular), Star Trek (Mr. Spock <3), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Deep Blue Sea, sushi, Shakespeare, Jane Eyre, the English language and how it works, and some other stuff I'll probably remember and add later.

Pokemon games I currently own: Diamond, Platinum, SoulSilver, HeartGold, Mystery Dungeon Explorers so Time, Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness, Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, White, White 2, Black 2, X, Art Academy, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire

To my fellow Dovah and Dovahkiin:
Zu'u los zokah Kaaz qiilaan miil, yol lu miiiik, ahrk folhetiik! Hi fen doj wah fir zey, leh hi siiv dalk ko hin rigir uv viidost ko hin beyl. Waan hi hind wah koraav dii vahzah buld, hi praag nunon laan ahrk Zu'u fen, waan hi kriist ko dii pruzah hindah, skildir wah jaaril, wundun, uv hahvothzuk frey hi ko hin wundaak.
(If you are not fluent in the Dragon Language, simply click the link below, copy or type the above message into the bottom box and click "Translate to English." : www.thuum.org/translate.php)

I won't lie. I have some issues. Sometimes they make me go to a dark place, which sucks because I'm afraid of the dark.
I'm in one now.

Sans the Skeleton, Deadpool, Skyrim, Pokemon, Undertale, Star Trek
Falkreath, Skyrim
Favourite Pokémon
Nomadic Khajiit Merchant