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  • WOW Really?!!
    That's an amazing progress :) at least you can move a bit faster now x3
    but I'm still certain of your capability to drive a car, it won't be that difficult, especially not for you :)
    well before you enjoy driving you must make sure t do it safely :)

    LOL.. comptetve metagame was interesting for me, for a long while, but no matter how much I try, I'm just not good at it, so I quit for now xD

    indeed, and that's the same reason for me to be here every now and then even if I'm not running a clan :p
    Hahaha, even I don't know how did I change to cars lol xD
    but I still play polemon :p just a little bit
    Thanks bro ^_^
    and I appreciate being contacted every now and then :)
    Congrats for the job bro! though it's late xD
    This is great! well I got some new interests now xP I'm leading the UAE Camaro Club this year x) and I'm concentrating on my studies so I can become rich and visit you in the future :3 lol
    LOL xD
    yea.. we're much luckier than a lot of human beings around the golbe :)
    I wish you find yourself a neat job soon ^_^
    just keep looking and never give up on it :) well I don't need to say that xD I know you
    That's right xD
    they enjoy their time on the playing field kicking a ball and jumping a bit every now and then, to receive millions o_O
    it's so unfair xP poor engineers, nurses, policemen, firefighters....etc.
    yes you are a magnet ;D a magnet of friends that is :p but you don't repel you just attract :D
    LOL xD indeed sports can't be done by force :p I believe that's why footballers are paid so highly xD
    You know, this is the best thing I've been told here xP
    my sig will be adorned by that nice statement ^_^
    Thanks vaati! you too have a special aura of attraction ;D
    Yea being away of home isn't quite easy :(
    WOW you took all of these??
    I'm studying german in the next semester
    after all this while I'm only glad that you still remember me :)
    well exactly ^_^ chances are assured
    you know, this could sound stupid, but you can apply to teach English in foreign schools or universities..
    If I were British, American, Canadian, or Australian, I would put that job into my pocket.. xD
    English is your mother language and you might be accepted to teach English in Asia.. you will find some places which don't require any certifactes, other than a certificate of good behaviour..
    the problem though is that it's not at your country..
    Twilight Trainer 'if you remember him' worked as an English teacher in South Korea..
    Oh so you've been to college before
    Ikr :( there's nothing as boring as college, but at times you have to
    The problem about jobs is this:
    Whenever you apply for one, they tell you: "you should get some work eperience"
    And whenever you try gain some work experience, you should have a job xD
    It's more like a closed cycle
    why don't you enroll in a college or an institution..
    it will be even more boring lol
    but at least jobs will come following you then.. we can both say Go Go Gooooooo...
    Lol posting on your own wall happens quite a lot xD
    Video gaming is the best indicator that you're enjoying your (free of stress) life :)
    Yea everyone says that life's worst part is when you look for a job xP
    I wish you find one and quick..
    Yea I'm studying Mechanical Engineering, the good thing about this university, is that it hires you in the main national oil company here, without the need to look for any jobs, and salaries are quite high too
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