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  • Really nice job, I can manage my work as I wish, I just need to get the game before the deadline and that's it =D
    Actually that's the usual office work hours, why are they weird? o.o
    ss? I'm not even in ss XD
    I'm a game programmer, I work from (GMT-7) 8 or 10 am to 6 or 8 pm, then I go 2 hours to the university almost all week
    I stopped reading after the first sentence. Until you actually know what you're talking about and know what a browser does and does not do, stay off my profile.


    And there are even more. Just google "Browser Speed"

    So, either you keep being ignorant and say that browsers have nothing to do with speed. Or, you realize, "Hey, I was wrong." Either you're wrong, or all those people are doing these tests (with the same ethernet card and internet provider/speed so the tests are accurate) for nothing. *says in very sarcastic voice* I wonder which is more likely!
    umm ^^ first thanx for being kind =P

    I see .. yes I agree with you .. most of the suggestions are good in my vision .. but not all of them are working good ..

    OK then .. I got it ^_^ now I promise that vaati will be back to the old shape ^^

    I'll do whatever it costs to get back the old vaati ^_^

    now are you still sad or not ? ^_^
    well I see that most of our members are happier now .. I'm trying to serve them by making them better .. I don't see that I'm doing sth wrong ..

    also the spams has been reduced .. I can't understand why did you change on me .. we can discuss that gently .. I have applied most of your suggestions and they are working .. what do you think I'm doing wrong .. ??

    you can tell me about it without being mad ..

    and I swear that every update goes directly to the thread .. and if i sent anything to any co-leader .. I must send it to skwog as well ..

    skwog was the one who asked me first to be a co-leader .. and I accepted that ..

    I'm accepting your suggestions .. I'm opening the chance for everybody to give their ideas .. I'm sharing the team with everybody .. nothing wrong about it ..

    I want you to tell me what's wrong now .. at least maybe I was missing sth .. why don't you tell me about it .. I'm opening my heart to my members ..

    do you want me to work on it alone without sharing it with my friends ? do you want me to lead it alone without co-leaders or job holders ?

    and just to let you remember .. I want you to speak gently without feeling mad
    funny comments huh ? LOL XD

    hey that was for everybody not for you .. I don't know why are you talking to me that way as I'm your enemy .. calm it down

    I want to see that old vaati I met at the beginning on RD .. why this big change ?

    we're still friends aren't we ? =)
    I see .. OK then .. go over them .. but try to be gentle with the members =P if they made sth wrong for the first time .. forgive them .. for the second time .. forgive them also .. for the third time ban them ^_^

    banning members isn't easy for them .. it hurts their feelings a lot .. I'm really counting on you to attract members =)

    BTW the groups division is there on the main thread and as you said me as a leader must be with you .. so I put myself in starmie group ^_^

    out of the subject : why did you choose the pic on your sig :p ?
    LOL XD calm down ^^

    no need to be angry :p yes I heard that .. but please don't ban any member for simple reasons ^_^ we don't want to attract our members =) and the chat is the most attractive thing we have ..

    yeah I'm sure that they will accept it =) they can't fight us while we're weak .. so they will delay it I guess .. their team has a lot of OSL gym leaders and E4 so they understand what I mean =)
    I have sent my delaying request and I hope they accept it ..

    BTW .. lately I recieved some complains about you from several members .. most of them were because banning them from the chat for simple reasons ..

    please explain it to me ..
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