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  • Okay, I'll trade the power lens for an electrizer. Which fc are you using?
    mine is
    3222 6165 5568
    Hi! Thanks for helping me by giving me guides on evolving pokemon/ where to get items..... Can we be friends?
    Hey no problem! I know everyone has their own style of battling n stuff, etc, etc.
    I have an Empoleon, Pachirisu, Lopunny, Chatot, Abomnashow, Leafeon, Rapidash, Flygon and Ambipom. They're all at level 55 or something apart from Ambipom who I just got, so I'm leveling her up. She's at lvl 47 or something.
    Sorry but I don't have wi-fi yet 'cause our wireless network is kinda crap, but I'll be getting it really soon, so I let you know, then we can battle!
    I'll be looking forward to it!
    Cya later!
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