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  • Well, if you ever do, get the legendary edition. You get all the DLC and the original game for about the same price as just the game,mso you won't have to pay extra to get the DLC later. :)
    Lol, I noticed you said you didn't play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim because your dad would get mad about Internet use, but Skyrim is a single-player only game. The only way to multiplayer is with mods, and they're still really iffy (like no one has armor on to other people and have no movement animations iffy) and that's only if you play on pc. Consoles don't even have that
    Cool, I'll try that out then. I just deleted my old Diamond file and was playing that again just to see if I can actually finish the Sinnoh league this time.
    My trick was: First round: Double Team. Second round: Hail. Third round: Powder Snow. Fourth round: Hail. Fifth round: Powder Snow.

    I usually used Light Screen in the final round, but that was before I replaced Blizzard with Double Team and won right after I replaced it.
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