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  • your most welcome glad you like it...i tried to make it more of a night scene this time and use a typewriter text since Giovanni is a business man ;)
    your request has been made please pickup your banner at Flower Paradise Graphics....If you need any changes please pm me...Thanks again Valkyria! for choosing my shop :)
    Hey! Important! I tried recruiting the RS Clan, however...I seemed to have accidentally offended them, however if you smooth things over they may join! Please help me out!
    Hey Val I got in some trouble, and got banned on ML...could you please bail me out : (
    I promise to be calmer and more thoughtful from now on!
    Please, you can find me on Reborn and I'll be on around noon. I really regret my behavior : (
    I really like ML and I shouldn't really behave like a jerk to everyone. Sorry its so long for a vistor message.
    your request has been made please pick up your banner at Flower paradise graphics...thanks for choosing my shop...please pm me if you need any changes....
    did you get my pm? sorrry you didn't respond to it ^_^ like i said everything is great i just need a better ghost image to ghost and i can do the rest...if i resize that master to the length of the banner it may not be what your expecting...if that make since...
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