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Valkyrie Cain

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  • does she still only have a fennekin?
    I'm so out of the loop bc the last episode I watched was the snorlax one iirc, I didn't even make it to Ash vs. Grant because it's taking them too damn long to get to him I mean come on
    wtf shouldn't that be my line?? what are you doing on serebii, something has to be up.
    I'm only active because of trading lmao
    Hello again to all my friends, together we can play some rock n roll~

    Lol how you been? Long time no talk
    READ IT NAO. the anime's awesome, too, though, and it's only 25 episodes.
    although the manga's better because the anime ending is complete BS

    jesus christ WHY, Kano?!? well I guess the fandom has their rights to hate him -shot-
    oh whatever, it doesn't matter to me lol. I don't ship because I think they'll be canon; I just ship because I want to

    Chazz, Kaito, Shima, Kuroh, and Switch too o_o I am surprised. you also didn't even put UtaPri lol
    Supernatural? xD you actually watch that
    KagePro and Pandora Hearts are the only manga series where I like the whole cast, so yeah, I would love an English release~
    I wanna get the albums too ;;

    fandoms are weird. you'll never know when they'll get over the whole Kano and Shintaro thing
    and actually that makes it even worse, doesn't it.
    I can't imagine Seto with a 140 year old girl who looks 10 years old

    but however you look at it, it IS a mancrush
    oh god. lemme see your main list then.
    KagePro > all. like srsly
    and all of the Mekakushi Dan are awesome, this is probably the second manga where I like absolutely everyone

    . . . . oh yeah
    well I guess the fandom will get over it someday? :p
    and doesn't the Seto x Mary pairing have age gap?!? I don't know how many years apart they are, but Mary looks REALLY young

    yup. I mean, she'd figure out sooner or later anyway
    but how'd you know? I said it in a skype conversation xD
    and I mentioned how you have this huge mancrush on Syo
    no way. I have no ounce of tsundere in me

    I thought you loved Kano and Hibiya though? XD
    wow I can feel your sarcasm leaking through my computer

    yeah. but I guess that's part of why people like him.
    too bad Hiyori's dead though D:
    the ship I support the most ATM though is Kano x Kido hehe
    Really? because she's kind of tsundere lol
    like Erza sortof

    but now that I think about it you kind of remind me of Seto in this weird way
    but yeah Seto is another one I like too, and definitely not just because I have this bias for people named Seto

    and omg Kano. I love him too, but honestly I like everyone xD
    Hibiya? isn't he the guy in Kagerou Days? I don't think he's shown up in the manga yet but he seems like another character I'd like so YEAH KAGEROU PROJECT FTW

    Kido. Like, srsly.
    I love her so damn much like WHYYYYYYY
    Dude, if you're barely going to be on here, we should at least talk on Skype xD
    I actually went through my email and got my password so I can log in again lol

    My Skype name is terrorbyte39, so don't be surprised if you get a contact request from me~
    Karakuri Burst is more of my style, so I guess that's why I like it more *shrugs*
    but anyway, yeah, the Science test was pretty easy. I bet I did well.

    Syo and Otoya barely interact with each other . . . or am I missing something? lol
    I thought the waterfall scene was pretty random. What did it have to do with anything?!? Plus it made Masato look weird.
    Ren is just weird :I
    And actually, no. Maybe it's because Tumblr's becoming too mainstream for me to check it every day.
    Nothing much myself.

    And I know! Pis and Josh are on Skype all the time it seems, but I never really talk to them. I haven't heard from Star since TCC fell apart. Shame what happened there. I still check there regularly, hoping.
    Which sucks. Mayu and Gumi should sing together more often ;;
    The PV is weird, and it reminds me of Glider's PVs in a way, but that's what makes it awesome
    The song is now one of my favorites~ Karakuri Burst is still my absolute favorite though

    I'm probably going to end up making tutorials for both the icon and sig xD

    I'm good. Just took a two-hour long Science test -____-
    But then I went back home and then watched the latest UtaPri episode . . .
    But a stalker's way of life is boring.
    So I'm not one :p

    Indulging Idol Syndrome? . . . . YES.
    That was the first Mayu/Gumi song I ever heard, and omg I love the PV ;;
    The song's good, too, but the PV was definitely something else

    glad you like it~
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