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Valkyrie Cain
Last Activity:
Oct 24, 2017
Mar 19, 2011
Likes Received:
May 16
Haggard, Dublin

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Valkyrie Cain

death bringer, from Haggard, Dublin

Valkyrie Cain was last seen:
Oct 24, 2017
    1. kyogreblue3
      eh. I just woke up when I typed that, soooo . . . yeah
      I hate mornings :I

      It's about these monsters called "Angels" who attack Tokyo-3 in 2015 and these people in a company called NERV fight them with these mecha things called Evas, or Evangelions. It's pretty good, IMO.
      Naruto is good in the beginning. The bad thing about it is that it should've ended a long time ago, is all. Plus the anime just ruins things by dragging out the battles and making them horrendously long; it's decent if you read the manga. But honestly, I only read it because of the characters :p
      My favorite character character dying only happened twice, and those were in Naruto and Ao No Exorcist. Most of my other favorite characters are banished to less or no screen time and/or flashbacks -____-
      FT's Mystogan, YGO's Seto Kaiba, PokeSpe's Green, Soul Eater's Justin Law, DRRR!!'s Shinra, FT's Freed, Naruto's Team Gai, Bleach's Tatsuki . . . . *sigh*

      I was planning to watch the second season for Uta no Prince-sama soon, but hell, that can wait
    2. kyogreblue3
      Yo, bro :3

      see what I did there? I used another rhyming word . . . no? yeah okay, totally lame *gets bricked*

      what's up?~
      I've been reading some Neon Genesis Evangelion, hehe
      and mourning over Neji's totally unnecessary death in Naruto Shippuden -___-
      why must the mangaka always troll us?!? I BET TITE KUBO IS MAKING THEM DO IT.
    3. Ropav
      And I have started cussing now lol haven't talked to you for awhile how you been?
    4. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    5. kyogreblue3
      they just mask his blandness by making him a bishounen

      that's Seto Kaiba, he can just screw the rules because he has money~
      Gen I was still the first, though. Even if the Pokemon aren't all that great, it's still the first.
      and Gen III was awesome :I

      yeah, I go on allkpop forums sometimes.
      but omg you have?!? I never imagined that you'd listen to KPop xD
      which groups/songs . . . ?
      and honestly, I prefer KPop over JPop, but JRock over KRock.
    6. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress
      you found it didn't you? xD
    7. kyogreblue3
      Jellal is pretty bland to begin with, anyway

      heck, Kaiba wouldn't even have to duel. He could just buy Jack's deck and scatter all the cards in an ocean somewhere.
      Stunfisk is just NO. And you still have to have respect for the 1st Gen Pokemon, though, since they were the originals after all~

      cutting off the doll made it look weird though lol
      and that explains things . . . .

      ehhhh. I decided to just be active on here and some other KPop forum~
      So yeah, I'm pretty much on here for half the time
    8. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress
      I'm here now, though I'm mainly on tumblr these days. ^^;
    9. kyogreblue3
      Switch's background, omg don't remind me ;;
      which sucks, because Mystogan > Jellal any day :I

      I hate Jack because he's stupid and some people think he's better than Kaiba/could beat Kaiba in a duel -______-
      ugh, genwunners, don't get me started about them. The original 151 are great, but so are the rest of the Pokemon too~
      with the exceptions of Magikarp, Bidoof, and Stunfisk

      geez dude xD
      icons are more complicated than that lol
      and I like it, although it's kind of cropped weirdly so you don't know what Bossun's holding :p
      plus the whites are a little too gray-ish, but it's good :3
      lol at the random Zacky Vengeance
    10. DragonA7X
      Fair enough :P
      Trunks: I haz a beg bone. Nobody got a bigr bone den me.
    11. DragonA7X
      I know. Y U SO CONFUSING
      And now the only theory I can think of is "OMFG. TRUNKS U CAME FROM DRAGONBALLZP!!!!!"
    12. DragonA7X
      That's what I just said. =n= "Who keeps getting banned"
      Agreed. Bleh, so pissed that my future lucy theory failed
    13. kyogreblue3
      Switch needs more fans ;;
      and people like Mystogan because he looks like Jellal

      it's canon, but I can't ship it because of my burning hatred for Jack
      more like Pokemon noobs, yeah. Charizard is forever banished to the lower tiers now.

      basically the same thing as filters
      omg, whenever I do an icon, I end up with, like, 20 freaking layers
    14. kyogreblue3
      oh yeah, Bossun. I like him, but my favorite character is Switch
      and people like Jellal, not Mystogan ;-;

      All Jack has is Carly :I
      I still remember the time when everyone thought Charizard was one of the strongest Pokemon lol

      I barely use filters and scripts tbh, since I think they change too many things sometimes
      so I edit things separately with fill layers . . . . -_____- which takes foreveeeeeeeeeeeeer
    15. kyogreblue3
      eh, I don't tend to like the characters that all the other fans like;
      i.e. Black Butler's Sebastian, YGO's Yami, Bleach's Ichigo, Naruto's Sasuke, and etc.

      Kaito is more similar to Jack, IMO. And Jack was a huge fail in his own right :/
      I actually didn't like the Pokemon anime when I was 5, unlike everyone else in my class xD
      oh god no, you just did not use a Bonnie and Clyde comparison

      IMO, I think the Miku one looks best ('cause the coloring's nice and all that jazz), but the others are good too ^^
      I think you have coloring down pretty well, which is pretty essential when it comes to icons
    16. kyogreblue3
      ah, so you've watched them both? xD
      I wasn't too sure about Black Butler, I don't really like Sebastian *le gasp*

      isn't it by only, like, two inches though?
      Kaiba > Kaito
      ahhh, that's cool. my first anime was Yu-Gi-Oh!, actually xD
      oh god. don't remind me. I have to save up more money for the rest of those games @_@
    17. kyogreblue3
      I've actually been reading manga more lol
      The anime that are in my queue, though, are Black Butler, I11 Chrono Stone, and Gintama

      by being taller? yeah ok
      :I Kaito annoys me. He is like a copy of Jack, who is a copy of Kaiba. which is not cool in my book. I have nothing on Hart, though :p
      omg. you never told me you watched/read FMA!!!
      doesn't it come out in April where you live?
    18. kyogreblue3
      idk why I like making them, I just do *shrugs*
      maybe because I have so much free time nowadays

      I actually like Yami and Yugi on the same level, so yeah. Yugi proved he was still a great duelist anyway.
      and I can't stand Yuma, or half of the ZeXal characters. Kotori and Tetsuo are useless, too
      o.o oh, that was a typo on my part xD I typed in FT instead of FMA
      I already have Fire Emblem: Awakening . . . :p
    19. DragonA7X
      My first EGC friends were north, sheep and price (whe keeps getting banned xD)
      I am so tempted to go in there and tell them the GOOD points in each chapter. :I
    20. kyogreblue3
      and Mirai Nikki sounds complicated, with all that time travel (??) and whatever

      that was the point xD
      I actually really like making tutorials (unlike other people because I'm weird), so it felt great finally putting together all these tutorials together :3

      eh. I have yet to find a protagonist I really like. Yugi was okay, Judai was okay, Yusei was slightly bearable, and Yuma is just no.
      your library has all those series, but you don't seem to have read One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, or Fairy Tail :P
      and I'm broke (again), since I spent my money on Fire Emblem ;-;
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