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Valkyrie Cain
Last Activity:
Oct 24, 2017
Mar 19, 2011
Likes Received:
May 16
Haggard, Dublin

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Valkyrie Cain

death bringer, from Haggard, Dublin

Valkyrie Cain was last seen:
Oct 24, 2017
    1. kyogreblue3
      eh, I have Spring Break next week, so why not watch a new series?
      idk which one I'll pick, but everyone keeps telling me to watch Mirai Nikki xD

      figures. and layers were never hard, you probably just haven't read a tutorial :p
      I'll probably get the tutorial done soon, so I'll send you the link when I've finished~

      Judai has way too many fans. I, personally, am a fan of Johan.
      I stopped after the GSC arc since Green and Red don't show up that much in the RSE arc, but I might pick some volumes up at my library
      because my local library is actually cool and has the full collections of tons of manga serieswhich is the only reason I actually go there (PokeSpe, Bleach, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rurouni Kenshin, Code Geass, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Soul Eater, Inuyasha, Cardcaptor Sakura, Fairy Tail, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Fullmetal Alchemist to name a few)
      I simply cannot be assed to spend 7 freaking bucks for a manga volume anyway
    2. kyogreblue3
      ugh, but that will require me to go on Wikipedia and type in the names and read the articles D:
      they better be worth it . . .

      oh, the Panda Hero one? omg, it's good :o
      so are the other icons ^^ I didn't know you had GIMP though xD

      Kaiba will forever be my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh character :3 NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO COMPARE.
      I use the Japanese names, so in PokeSpe the dude is Green and the girl is Blue lol
      So yeah, I prefer Green over the game version of him~
    3. kyogreblue3
      yeah, there are no other GIRLS to ship Judai with

      It took me a while to find it, but here: [IMG]
      and maybe, if you could tell me what they're about :P

      Photobucket? omg dude if you downloaded GIMP you could make much better stuff~
      I can't even see the image though lol

      Kaiba-sensei? I approve.
      but, on another note- OMG. YOUR AVATAR. IT'S BLUEEEEEEEEE.
      I thought you didn't like Blue! Do I see a new Blue fan?!? although I prefer Green, Blue is still awesome
    4. DragonA7X
      She was so nice ;-; One of my first EGC friends...
      And yeah, the FT thread sucks here because everyone is like "f fairy tail. go suck a horse wiener"
    5. DragonA7X
      Do you know who started horse wieners? My friend irl. xD
      I thought north left, everyone else I know but I still feel left out at EGC *sobs*
    6. DragonA7X
      Ah, makes sense now xD

      And no. :I I feel like nobody knows who I am on EGC. No. :I
    7. DragonA7X
      OH! XD I just know her as Fury so yeah :p
      welp... ;^;
    8. DragonA7X
      Kyo? o^o
      and thanks for saying my sh¡t art looks good... ;.;
    9. DragonA7X
      Kaiba-sensai? o-O

      and fail image xD
    10. DragonA7X
      I'm on a break from watching anime, sorry ;^;
    11. kyogreblue3
      that's the reason why people like it xD

      and ermahgawsh you ship Judai with Asuka? LOLOLOLOL
      dude, I put that together last night while watching some Naruto, and for some reason, I didn't remember some of the animes of the icons xD
      at least now I know it's Tempest :P
      I've heard about it, but never really watched it

      layers are really easy to work with, IMO
      and srsly? what program do you use to make icons/did you use to make it?
    12. DragonA7X
      What was PCF became Randomly Hacking Offline. Glad that pille of great mighty poo closed >:D
    13. DragonA7X
      How do you feel about the fall of the great mighty forum?
    14. kyogreblue3
      I like it better when both Jesus-P and Minus-P do songs, but Jesus-P is awesome <3
      and so is Glider's art~

      at this rate, no other Yu-Gi-Oh! character will live up to your standards xD
      and yeah, sure. here~
      Even though you can still see the document in the MediaFire viewer, I suggest downloading it to make the images look less groady lol
      But unfortunately .pdfs were never made to make pictures look good :I
      I'm planning to write up the tutorials soon, but it's a preview to let people see all the different stuff that will be in there c:

      and you should start making graphics :o
      it's addicting, bro. especially iconing. once you start you can't stop @_@
    15. DragonA7X
    16. kyogreblue3
      maybe it's just your laptop~

      omg. Wonderful Oppurtunity and Glider, WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME? ;_; I was smiling like an idiot for the whole video lol
      Those guys reincarnated my love for Rin and Len :]

      You can have Judai and Atem, I don't want them xD
      I'll be unstoppable with Kaiba >:3
      but on another note, I finally finished the preview for my icon tutorials document :O
      I would give you the DL link, but you don't make graphics anyway :P
    17. kyogreblue3
      it doesn't get annoying for me though, lol

      Death Should Not Have Taken Thee? Which Vocaloid sings it? I might remember if I have or not if I figure out who sings it lol

      Kaiba, IV, and Jesse are by far the only favorites I have in YGO!, so what do you expect? xD
      yeah, but I guess the art for it makes sense to me now
      and- LATE REPLY OMG. I was off playing HG and leveling up some Pokemon to move over to my W2~
    18. kyogreblue3
      I seem to be the only one who actually doesn't mind Windows 8 D:

      The rest of them aren't poo on my list :I
      My favorites are in order like; GUMI & Gakupo > Len > Rin > Meiko > Kaito > Luka > Miku
      Len is popular because he's a shota~

      Life Cheating Game? I like that song's PV, but I prefer Life Reset Button over it, because Gumi says Kaiba-sensei :3
      and I just realized yesterday that Panda Hero is about a gang under someone called 'The Panda Hero', and the gang plays baseball against other teams to win opium, which is something inside Heroin o_o
      won't stop me from saying Pah-Pah-Pah, Pah-Pah-Pah-La-Pah all the time though
    19. kyogreblue3
      oh, I went through that about 2 months ago xD
      Windows 8 is great once you get used to its iffy-ness IMO

      I thought you didn't like Spice . . .
      but geez, Len is majorly popular @_@ too many people in the Vocaloid fandom love him D:

      I like the song with Gumi and Miku better surprisingly, but Invisible's still pretty good
      The only thing I don't love about Gumi is her Append look :/
      I'm meh about it, I prefer her original look to it
    20. kyogreblue3
      hm. even the fanart people make of Spice?

      you are biased, bro :I

      Invisible? isn't that the one with Gumi and Rin . . . . ? or was it something else lol
      The background music for Poker Face is great, it's so sick
      and I liked the fact that Gumi was hosting the "news" in Heartbreak Headlines xD
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