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Valkyrie Cain

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  • oh, it was just one of those random guesses.

    Well, you can blame Ireland for not liking manga enough lol
    And no way, God will never let me die at just 13 years of age :3
    I hope

    This sounds like a super awesome song so yeah I'll go check it out~
    oh, and btw, your icon and banner is finished, you can go over to Flower Paradise Graphics and pick it up ^^
    and I presume you also have a friend who wears glasses and speaks through a computer?

    well, manga in general is just majorly popular over here, so naturally there'd be a wide variety of series.
    Naruto is just sold everywhere because it's POPULAR~
    yeah, definitely. I'm too young to die, anyway xD

    wut. no way.
    if it beats Rimokon for you, then this song must be LEGENDARY.
    I dunno about it beating my favorite Vocaloid song, though. Which is Karakuri Burst.
    lol where did you get it?
    no really, I'm curious
    the UK version is different? that's the one I'm used to, since Flame talks about it xD

    In Florida? actually, yeah. Manga is really easy to come across in the states.
    I can walk into any bookstore and find a shelves dedicated to them. Also, idk why, but it's like you can find Fruits Basket anywhere here o_0
    Skydiving is a once in a lifetime chance. I bet it feels awesome . . . and it something to brag about haha

    omg I KNEW it was a Vocaloid!
    But Mayu's pretty cool. I have to listen to Indulging Idol Syndrome, since everyone says it's really good.
    I highly doubt it.
    And yes, first year is seventh. I didn't know Ireland used the "year thing" instead of grades, though xD

    I suggest Florida, since it's the theme park capital of the world.
    I've been there so many times . . . maybe, about 10? lol
    There's lots of things to do there, and really good hotels too.
    I hope I don't regret any of my decisions at the last minute >.<
    so you concentrate better with goggles on? xD

    ah, I see. so what grade are you in . . . ?

    I'm going to the mountains for summer vacation this year~
    hehe, I might even get to go skydiving
    orly? so you're saying you could cosplay Bossun and have people actually recognize you? xD

    ah, poor guy xD
    He probably never asked to be that tall at just 14 lol
    head start? o_0 but if they were 14, wouldn't that mean that they're supposed to be in 8th grade?
    Or my brain is jacked up because I just took a 2-hour long math test, idk.

    Uh-huh. That's what I thought~
    I highly doubt it~
    Babies? omg no don't go there.
    I'm not like somebody I know
    They're just my three favorite characters, nothing else~

    geez, that's hella tall.
    There was no-one that tall in my grade. I was actually the second tallest last year, and there was only one kid taller than me; he was probably 6'0" or something, and he was 12 years old >.<

    Wouldn't Judai be better for this? xD
    Hmmmmm. I highly doubt you'll be saying that when you find another character in another anime that has a personality like Syo.
    Ah, that's okay. 'Cause I can own Kaiba, Mystogan, and Death the Kid <333

    what?!? 14 years old and 6'3"?!? geez, that was height of my seventh grade English teacher xD
    Only the U.S. uses pounds, I think.
    Some things just have to be done, bro.
    Plus, Syo is at least 17 years old.
    Syo is unique? Well, so are some of the other characters o_0
    Save Ren, Cecil, Haruka, Masato, Otoya, and Tokiya
    And tbh there are lots of characters with personalities like Syo out there :I
    omg dude I spit out my juice at when I read that xD Your babies? orly?

    Cute Pokemon . . . ugh. I only like Cyndaquil out of all of them. I prefer fully evolved forms where they are actually cool-looking.
    180? That's just about 5'11" iirc
    idk why some people use feet and pounds to measure height and weight. The rest of the world uses centimeters and kilograms anyway
    I feel sorry for people who are shorter than Syo :/
    But . . . speaking of that, you guys have a 19cm height difference haha. GOOD LUCK ON MAKING THINGS WORK OUT.
    Mirai Nikki seems complicated with all the freaking time traveling I keep hearing about, but I guess I'll put it on my anime queue.
    But dude, it seems like you've got it bad xD Your man crush on Syo lol
    Are you going to throw away all your bromancy feelings with Natsu, Bossun, and Judai for him?!? HUH?!?

    wut. cute things? xD give me a break~ don't turn into one of those guys, bro.
    but holy cow are you kidding me, how can you be 183cm and only 12-13 years old?!? Not believing this till I get proof :p
    I'm only 174cm ;; *sigh* which will probably be the limit since I'm a female ASIAN

    Natsuki and Syo have the bromance going on. Too bad they have a 28cm height difference :/
    Camus and Excalibur are so alike. Don't tell me you weren't thinking of Excalibur when Camus went jumping around the room like a lunatic.
    Don't remind me . . . I need to watch some mecha anime to get my mind off of it, shojo stuff is so weird to me lol
    Which sucks. Satsuki should appear more; WE NEED A BADASS CHARACTER LIKE HIM.
    Fizz, I am now 100% that you have a man crush on Syo. And Otoya. But mainly Syo.
    But it's weird when tall guys like cute things. He could be doing stuff that . . . . tall guys usually do, idk
    Yeah right, you are totally biased for Syo. BECAUSE YOU WANT HIM~

    The Natsuki x Syo BroTP is becoming my temporary favorite.
    I also ship Camus with Soul Eater's Excalibur.
    The bishie scenes make me want to hurl at the wall :I
    Especially when Masato and Ren were playing in the water, like wtf. And why does everyone's sweat sparkle?!?
    And overcoming his fear of heights didn't change his set personality. Satsuki is my one and only absolute favorite of this show, ugh how come he barely ever shows up?!?
    I wish Haruka was more interesting. She's so . . . bland :/
    Otokogi Zenkai Go! Fight! ? Is that the song where Syo fanboys over Ryuya?
    And lmfao yeah right SATSUKI IS BEST BRO. Is Syo is so awesome, then how come he's a DUDE and wears NAIL POLISH? That is a turn-off for me.
    I wish Natsuki wasn't so obsessed with cute things. He's 189cm tall, for pete's sake.
    Ringo is forever a girl to me :I
    I've seen better art and animation than UtaPri, though.
    In terms of singing ability, Otoya and Syo aren't that good, tbh. I like their voices, but when paying attention to technique, the others are better. I know this stuff because my mom leads the Sunday choir for church and tells me stuff about singing all the time lol

    I have so many BroTPs especially Natsuki x Syo
    lol. I always forget whether I reply to people or not xD

    Well, I watched Uta no Prince-Sama (all the 13 original episodes and up to the third 2000% episode)
    To be honest, I didn't like it, because;
    -There were too much sparkles, shojo, and bishie scenes -__-
    -The characters don't really change from their designated personalities, which is a bummer
    -When will Haruka stop falling all the damn time?!?
    -I think the music for the series is fine, but I only love one of the songs (which is Orion de SHOUT OUT, sang by Satsuki in episode 6. Like, I could write a whole essay on how much I like that particular song lol).
    -The headmaster comes off as a major annoyance to me, not comedy relief
    -TBH I don't like any of the main characters. Shibuya's okay, I always get distracted by Syo's MANPOLISH LIKE WHY DOES HE WEAR IT, Haruka's pretty meh to me, Natsuki's obsession for cute things bothers me even though I like Satsuki, Tokiya seems like an angsty guy, Otoya is another one of those common happy-go-lucky characters, Masato is probably the closest I could get to liking any of them, Cecil is going to be officially ignored, and I don't like Ren's hair at all :I
    -Does Cecil really have to try to kiss Haruka every time he shows up? It's annoying.
    -I like Ryuya and Satsuki. Even though Satsuki is forever doomed to practically never showing up again and Ryuya really does barely show up.
    -The animation's good, and I'm a huge sucker for good animation anyway xD
    -Man, the seiyuus can sing well @_@ My favorites are Natsuki and Masato's (not just because of bias), their voices are just . . . no words ;;

    So yeah, that's just my opinion on UtaPri; I usually don't like shojo/reverse harem anime intended for girls aged 10-18, so that was probably predictable. I can see why people like Uta no Prince-Sama, though, even if I don't, and I guess I'll still watch to see where the series goes. *shrugs*
    It's classic. You should :p
    Exactly. There wouldn't be nearly enough haters of the 'Long Big Six Series' nowadays (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Dragonball) if they concluded the plot a long time ago, IMO. You have to consider all the factors of the animes here if you were to UNBIASEDLY rate them.
    Fairy Tail > has gotten quite predictable as of now. The magic/animation/characters are still appealing, but arcs seem rehashed.
    Naruto > has an anime that doesn't do the manga justice. The characters/jutsu are pretty much the selling point of the series. The battles are dragged out, and the series now cannot compare to the beginning, which was actually good. Plus there is way too much trolling in character deaths
    Bleach > has a recycled plot. It seems to be going around in circles. It has a nice idea overall, but it probably would've benefited the most from wrapping up the storyline a long time ago. Art is great, though.
    One Piece > has the most decent plot. It branches out from practically everywhere . . . and even though the art style isn't for everyone, it's a pretty solid anime/manga. At least Oda doesn't troll.
    AND WHAT ARE YOU SAYING JELLAL WILL NEVER BE COOL. He is a douchebag and will forever be one :I

    A BIT SHOJO?!? dude, I think I can tell when something is shojo~ It's not one of my preferred genres in the first place.
    but it still seems generic to me :/
    and Haruka Nanami's eyes are so freaking creepy; I bet she can shoot lasers from them
    There's 26 episodes, and 13 volumes. The anime is older than the manga, though (since it came first), so I suggest reading the manga. It's like a quick read, anyway, since there's only 13 volumes xD
    ikr? Naruto and Bleach drag out battles so much and add so many damn fillers. That's why I can only stand reading the manga. And I like Fairy Tail as much as I like the Big Three, if I were to compare.
    Mystogan barely shows up anymore ;-; WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    Dangan Ronpa? o_o oh god, please don't tell me it's another one of those stereotypical anime.
    and I didn't like UtaPri season one, so I don't really have any high expectations for season two . . . I never like bishounen anime anyway lol
    In terms of slice-of-life/music-orientated anime, I will FOREVER be biased for BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
    So yeah, UtaPri isn't my style, but I guess I'll watch the second season and see what all the hype's about. I don't think I'll like it, though.
    It's sounds generic; you have the preppy guy, cold guy, rich guy, nice guy, the weirdo, and the broody guy. That's definitely a formula for anime targeted towards teen girls :I

    and I'm still the first on Serebii anyway :p
    That's what all my friends say as well 0.o well that is good and I am ok I guess.
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