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Valkyrie Cain

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  • Gumi's art is great, especially seeing it after all the Hatsune Miku stuff lol

    Rin and Len are equal to all the other Vocaloids :>

    oh, that's a good one *nods*
    My favorite Gumi song will forever be Poker Face though :p
    for reasons that have nothing to do with Lady Gaga
    I need this would happen one day :p
    I can't believe you even changed your profile pic to her though xD

    Gumi is awesome, she's the only Vocaloid who rivals my liking for Gakupo

    you have to tell me the whole story, bro
    of how you bowed down to Gumi's awesomeness
    I only watched some episodes of the anime, I still read the manga anyway
    the only ones I watched were the ones with IIII/IV/V battles in them

    no freaking Scizor or Typhlosion? :I
    I think the Gen 5 Pokemon are okay

    geez, everything over there is more expensive . . . .
    44.99 euro is $58.48 here!
    I'm probably going to end up paying about $40, which is roughly 30.75 euro
    I'm currently making a lot of gifsets. I'm thinking of making regular graphics though (non-moving ones). (´・_・`)

    No problem! I went on your blog and I really like your songs~ (^v^)
    That would be awesome~ (⌒▽⌒)Oh, and thanks a lot for mentioning my blog to that anon! <333

    Hmm... This explains step-by-step how to add a hypster playlist. If you still need help, just ask. :3
    you really haven't heard them say 'XYZ Summon' or 'XYZ Monster' in YGO? xD

    Better Pokemon :I

    plus his fanart just looks better
    My favorite character is Micky, so of course I'm biased~
    I'm good too, thanks. I've been working on a lot of gifs for tumblr lately, and I think I'm running out of ideas xD

    Thanks a lot~ (*^ワ^*)For music, I go to Hypster, a music downloading site, create an account, make a playlist and start adding songs to the playlist! It gets kinda complicated after that though. This explains it more clearly. xD
    XYZ in YGO is said kind of like the word 'exceed', you know . . . ?

    but HGSS has way more stuff that BW2 doesn't have :p
    like the Safari Zone and a freaking radio in the PokeGear

    I've watched my cousin play KH II on his PS2 a loooooong time ago, so I kind of know what happens in it, and I've already played most of CoM with my DS Lite~
    Sora is just a derp compared to Roxas, it'll always be that way
    I think a lot of characters are better than Axel
    Hey Fizz~! It's been a while since we talked~ How are you? :D

    I really like your tumblr page! \(T∇T)/
    omg. I thought you meant XYZ monster for a second there xD

    HG/SS have a ton of stuff BW2 don't have :I

    hmmmm yeah but I've skipped a lot of games in the series, soooooooooo . . . .
    I like Roxas's clothes better lol
    I still think Axel is pretty overrated though, even if he DOES have that bromance with Roxas
    It's Korean for "underclassmen", the opposite of "upperclassmen", which is 선배, which in turn is "senpai". But anyway. XD I SHALL JOIN YOUR CAUSE. Well it doesn't to me =/
    Oh, like 후배? ...Anyway. I thought so. All the translators have it down as Gerard, but it definitely sounds more like Jellal to me. Sherry, okay. And Porlyusica sounds nothing like how it's said in the anime ;_;
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