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    Hi my shinies are the following:

    mew quirky, regigigas lonely, dialga relaxed, lugia lonely, darkrai quiet, raikou lax, darkrai naive, giratina quirky, moltres sassy, ho-oh bashful, giratina mild, palkia lonely, dialga lax, lugia naive, deoxys serious, ditto lax, mamoswine bold, starly lonely, lickitung naive, corsola docile, Elekid careful, cubone naughty, spiritomb naive.

    And alot more :)

    please message me if you find any of these interesting or not.
    Well here are the shinies I can offer:
    Beautifly, lv14, careful nature, hates to lose
    Gliscor, lv50, naughty nature, quick tempered (possibly hacked)
    Tentacool, lv23, naughty nature, highly curious, UT
    Banette, lv37, calm nature, somewhat vain
    Ditto, lv76, naughty nature, scatters things often
    Sableye, lv53, bold nature, hates to lose

    And some of my non-shinies:
    Zapdos, lv60, Adamant nature, highly curious
    Zapdos, lv50, naughty nature, strongly defiant
    Mewtwo, lv80, jolly nature, likes to run
    Rayquaza, lv73, rash nature, highly persistent
    Rayquaza, lv75, calm nature, loves to eat
    Groudon, lv70, adamant nature, quick to flee

    None of them are great, but they're all I've got. I can offer Feebas, Spritomb and any non-Johto starter, but for you'd probably find a better deal for those on the GTS
    Hey, is that ut Cyndaquil still up for trade? I can offer something from my meagre collection of shinies, as well as a few others.
    Yea, I guess I'm a little bummed too. I SR for at least 2 hours for the Magmortar's IVs. Oh well. Entei is still a neat pokemon to have. I like its Shiny more than a Normal.
    Oh. I traded for it a few days ago. Traded a Magmortar for it. Too bad its cloned, but oh well. I'm using it on PBR.
    Hello. I noticed you were looking for a Potetopia Pikachu. I've got one. I'm interested in the MYSTRY Mew. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks. :)
    Can I trade with you for your shiny houndour? Which pokemon do you want? Have all starters. Do you want any?
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