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  • Okay. That's fine by me. I'll get you the Tornadus and the Poliwag ASAP. Keep the Squirtle and Darkrai ready for me! =)
    Okay, here's what I'd like:

    1) Your Bold near-flawless level 10 Squirtle (it's in your shop


    2) your Timid near-flawless 2012MAY Darkrai (also in your shop).

    Sound good? I can't trade now because my Wi-Fi's down, but I'll tell you when it's back.
    Hey, Vand, are you still OK to run the shop in CG?

    I feel it will benefit the most with you running it, what with your RNGing ability.
    hello!!! i was told you can RNG! i am desperate!!! so desperate. my old RNG person quit on me for no apparent reason....... if you could RNG a team for me before like tuesday i would forever owe you. the wifi battle comp is on friday and i still need to train... i have some legit hatched pokemon that are flawless shines if you want something...
    Well in the art shop post there is a userbar form. PM/VM me the filled out form and I'll see what I can do =]
    Hey Vand ^^.
    You had posted an offer in my shop for your Recital Piplup for my Movie Keldeo or Meloetta from good source. Were you still interested in that?
    i still can't post in thread lol anyway now you did say not to check any of the roamers box right? sorry im trying to figure out maybe input something wrong that maybe generated a wrong time or something...also its the seed from the id right as well when i put it in the seed to time to search and make sure on hgss right? also i did put for sure i put the pid hex not the seed when i searched the id's...do mind running through with me with the reporter step step and see if i get the same id results?

    edit: its up to you, you don't have too :)
    so wait you think i should use the delay on the seed to time then? instead from the box? i can try that now and see what happens...
    i did but the delay is different from the box people been telling me to use the delay from the box which i am right? its very strange...i keep hitting the delay but a totally different id and im positive im using the correct pid hex not the seed hex for the id search...even eleventh couldn't help me :/
    well i figured out what i did again but anyway now im stuck on wondering if im hitting my delay right? well im hitting my delay of 2028 but the weird thing is its not the id i desire is that normal?

    edit: by the time you read this probably i will figured it out but if you do know i still like to know please...the rng thread been dead all day...so thats why i pm im sorry for really storming up your vm's :(
    so sorry to storm up your vm but im gunna take a nap from having a headache trying to get my reporter to work right...now i got a question why in the world is my id's when i put them in the reporter not showing the shiny spreads its suppose to do...i fallowed this site here and when i search out like normal i imput the id in the reporter for the demo it works but when i search out my self it doesn't show as pair id's for my search...just wondering what im doing wrong...
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