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  • nvm found out my version was bugged in the box thats why updated my reporter to 9.96...i just need to hit my id/sid seed..is it normal to hit something in a different sec? just wondering cuaz my sec was 30 and i hit a seed with 29?
    need some more help trying to hit my delay now for my id and getting confused when to hit the delays and how to figure out the delay i hit cuaz its not searching right :/
    okay so i do leave them alone then got it...just making sure thanks :) alright will be going to bed now im trying to get at least 4 flawless shiny pokes from one id/sid...after that i need to start my game a few more times for others...also saved all my good pokes like arceus for the event in my soulsilver which that game file im gunna keep and the other will be rng bait...so i can rng all three of them :)
    lol thanks :) and yeah i am i know what you mean...thats why im not worried about learning the breeding part black and white when it comes out will take care of it...anyway got a question have you used pandora box before? im trying to use it on my heartgold do i leave the roamers alone when going through the seed to time with the seed i got from the box or what? just a bit confused...
    Hi, I have a in 4th gen TRU regigigas that unlocks the regi trio in platinum if ur interested ;3 I saw you wanted one on the discuss pokemon thread :D
    okay thanks :) i thought since its stationary on liberty garden it may have a chance to be shiny...is it still under stationary on the reporter or a different area?
    sorry to bother is vinctini shiny locked? i think he is but not sure...let me send a friend request though so you can vm me back...also nice regirock posted in the thread when i saw it :)
    No prob. Still get some stuff that say that 'Faraway Place' thing every now and then. Heck I consider the Golurk to be more legit than a Volcarona I got recently. Thing was a bad hack, not one that would do any damage to my game... but only one that I'd be keeping in terms of being a place holder until I get a legit one.
    EVs:252 Def/252 Speed/4 HP
    Egg moves, if any:Nope.
    Any other notes:2 Crystals.

    I just sent you a PM with my full list of flawless/nf pokemon available for trade. Send me a VM or PM letting me know if you find anything that you want to trade for. Thanks for taking a look.
    i dont trade much at all actually, all of my pokemon are public on pokecheck. But whats up, what were you after?
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