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Recent content by Vandslaux

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    Community POTW #97

    Ursaring @ Flame Orb Jolly 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed Quick Feet Swords Dance Facade Crunch Close Combat Ursaring has just enough bulk to survive some of NU's hits (watch out for LO Samurott, Specs Exeggutor, Zangoose, Swellow, heck physically defensive Garbodor that carry Drain Punch.. wow there's...
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    The Crystalline Guard

    I do wifi battling, had 2 battles via Smogon's wifi battle finder, won both, the first one was good, vs rain stall, the second one vs rain offense, only form of hax was a crit CB Aqua Jet from Azumarill in rain vs Scarf MoxieMence, and possibly my Outrage turns, but either way, I won 4-0
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    The Crystalline Guard

    I'M BACK Got a new iPhone recently, and been playing Black 2. lv 17 Servine, lv 18 Magby, lv 19 Magnemite, lv 19 Eevee to be evolved to Vaporeon. Ditching Servine for Roselia when I can, I just beat 3rd gym. I see name changes haven't happened yet, looking at my username?
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    Official Serebii 5th Gen Tier List & Standard Rules Discussion Thread

    The problem with Sun is that it has no way of switching into the other popular weathers, Rain and Sand. Doesn't help that Politoed and Tyranitar destroy Ninetales, and Ninetales takes about 65% from Pursuit. Also, Tornadus will do fine in UU imo. We have Registeel (ok doesn't take Specs Focus...
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    The Crystalline Guard

    Swampert, Registeel, Bronzong. These all laugh at Metagross.
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    The BW2 In-Game Tier thread!

    By self contained, do you also mean no trade evolutions? Obviously, this also means Leafeon/Glaceon are ineligible for tiering, as Pinwheel Forest and Twist Mountain are post game?
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    The BW2 In-Game Tier thread!

    OK. Next time I play through BW2, I'm using Growlithe/Magnemite/Vaporeon/Mamoswine/Electivire (trade over Electirizer or wait until I find it?)/Volcarona. Will post results.
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    Hack-Check Thread (Read the OP for simple hack-checking)

    I have tried to trade a GAMESTP Jirachi and couldn't.
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    The BW2 In-Game Tier thread!

    Let's get this started, shall we? Zorua Available right before Clay Grows like a rocket Gets Snarl right away High tier Magnemite Available right before Roxie Feeds on Roxie exp unless challenge mode vs Grimer Amazing typing Metal Sound/T-Wave + Electro Ball wrecks everything Top tier...
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    White 2 Team

    I used the Hidden Grotto Cincinno in White 2, and I loved it. Tail Slap/Rock Blast/Bullet Seed/filler wrecks. Also destroys Plasma and Zinzolin to massive extents. Fails vs Corless though.
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    What changed the way you play?

    Competitive battling.
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    The Crystalline Guard

    Just did another wifi battle, 28-22011-91107. Granted, I got a bit of hax with Outrage turns, but overall decent battle.
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    The Crystalline Guard

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbxCauHxHGo&feature=plcp finally uploaded the battle. enjoy. activity post. And Tornadus moving to UU was predictable, for the same reason as Zapdos. I predict everyone will be using Jolteon, until you realize that Raikou has better defenses and CM. Also, faces...
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    Name Change Thread - READ THE ENTIRE FIRST POST

    Current Username: x_vandslaux_x New Username: Vandslaux
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    Community POTW #92 - Special

    ^ The only thing that you list as a counter that can actually switch into a Specs Draco Meteor or Fusion Flare is Probopass, and Probopass in Ubers? Really? Empoleon could take one DM I guess possibly, but probably dies to a second one. Also, if you run Focus Blast>Endeavor, all of those pokemon...