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  • Theres two open spots in CCB League. I saw your applying the other day but no vacancy yet.
    So! the only thing I ask is that I have a test battle with new leaders before they open, safe to assume you have a team set up?
    It is, but we actually have another position opening that I think you will want more, the Poison gym. The current leader hasnt' been around so that spot is now open. Do you want it?
    kk if there is any other spots available keep a eye out which you can challenge the league for now if you like as well as psychic gym just filled up anyway XD
    also looks like cutty beat you to it so he will be my apprentice but there is the psychic gym still open for application if you are intreasted for the tef league and as well as you are allowed to do any battle style you like but you must be open to singles if a challenger isn't fawn of that battle style which isn't very often tbh
    I am looking for a fairy gym apprentice yes which I know for sure there was a person that wanted to apply for it too so I guess whoever applys for it first can get it which the other person is the fairy gym leader of pokegyms which I know he can take the spot but if you want to apply I can't stop you which I have to test your fairy team to make sure you can defend the fairy gym ;)
    Sure. Why not apply as a challenger too? Since you're already a leader, you'll end up facing me at least once in your Gym challenge.
    It's fun to use Pokemon that I don't use. I have never used Cresselia before, as it doesn't fit my playstyle, but nice to see that it does so well.
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