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Last Activity:
Apr 20, 2018
Mar 15, 2007
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Cyndakill, from Working on something big (BT)

Vaporeon4evr was last seen:
Apr 20, 2018
    1. naweer16
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    2. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Holy ****. You lived. Recently.
    3. [GS]
      I though that this may be of some interest to you.
    4. [GS]
      I totally missed your note until today :x

      It's been about a month now, I suppose. Good to see you
      make post. You thinking about coming back soon, because
      you should. ^^'
    5. foxyman1167
      Seeing as the Database thread is a few months old and it would probably be considered bumping, how do you know which ability the pokemon is running?
    6. Umbreon-dana
    7. [GS]
      Yo dude, I was wondering if TBR and I could use your BT
      guide for a site we're making? We'd give you credit, of
      course. ^^
    8. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Hey man, I've offically given up on the Battle Frontier. I'm concentrating on my Metagame teams from now on, chasing a spot on the UU Leaderboard (only 41 points to go ^_^).
    9. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Yeah, it's an entirely new game, where you need entirely different skills. Unfortunately, it also comes with entirely new frusturations as well ^_^;
    10. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      The only duo that does better is Vaporeon + Ludicolo. Those two are literally unstoppable, and Vappy can set up Rain for 8 turns instead of only 5 from Kingdra.

      Having Azelf as your "bomb" sounds good to me, go for it.

      Eh, iirc you've tried that before, right?
    11. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Yeah, but you really don't want both of your backup sweepers to be weak to EQ and then have something like Quagsire come along. That would SUCK.

      Eh, I'm not much of a Doubles Player either, but I've broken 50 with the gimmick Trick Room route.
    12. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      As for the last two, you want Swift Swim for at least one. Kabutops is a good choice, but it means that your last sweeper will have to be a flyer or Levitate user. Zapdos would make a good choice.
    13. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Wow, BT doubles is really counter intuitive. Turns out that having the most speed is a drawback when you're setting up weather. It'll be a lot like CB Shuckle's RD Doubles team, but Kingdra and Ludicolo generally make the best combo thanks to Ludi's Fake Out and both of them having double resistances to Water (meaning they can both run Surf without worry).

      Kingdra @ Focus Sash
      Swift Swim
      252 Special Attack / 228 Hp / 12 Sp. Def / 12 Speed / 4 Def
      -Rain Dance
      -Ice Beam
      -Dragon Pulse

      Ludicolo @ Lum Berry
      Swift Swim
      252 Special Attack / 132 HP / 124 Speed
      -Fake Out
      -Ice Beam
      -Grass Knot
      Both are Ev'd to outspeed Timid Electrode, while Kingdra is Ev'd to optomize it's defenses. You can change them as you like, I'd personally make Kingdra a mixed variant.
    14. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      As an infrequent BT doubles player, I'm not the best choice for help. However, I'll see what I can do. Give me a few minutes and I'll get back to you.
    15. Poke-noob
      Wanna Battle??
      Vaporeon Rocks (;
    16. Umbreon-dana
    17. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Wow, you've got a complete system, huh? That's really impressive.
    18. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      I've had battles like that too, sometimes you just get so absorbed in the team's smiting power you forget about all the roadblocks.

      I intend to, believe me. Once one stands at the top, they never forget the view.
    19. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Registeel is really difficult to use, when I beta tested him, I couldn't get the hang of him. It's possibly the most annoying piece of work I've ever used. Eh, I keep overestimating Drapion's defenses, since his typing is rather meh. I'm so used to having resistances to attacks that I forget how much neutral attacks can do. If I don't get the boosts I need, I'm screwed.

      Jesus Christ. Although you really did mispredict twice, that team just looked like it was set up to beat you.

      I'll try my best, although I can't even break 70 with Millenium XVI atm.
    20. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Eh, I used Lucario b/c Steel will always set up Sub after his opponent moves. At least Luke has a chance to move first. Drapion even more so, seeing as he's slightly faster and has Crit immunity. I'm really having a hard time getting used to Drapion.

      I freaking hate Heatran, that thing has killed and nearly killed me more times than I can count on both hands. Each and every variant is like it's made to derail my teams. I almost considered running Gyarados over Mence just so he wouldn't be such an issue, but then I'd be open to that damn Gliscor.
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