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  • Interesting. So you basically ran 4 more Speed EV's on Scizor, ran the same Uxie as MO, and used Latias with the spread I helped you build instead of Suicune? That's a great team. Who needs PI when you have something like Scizor.
    Yeah, I did, but your next record won't be any different.

    I hear you there. I usually have a lot of Pokemon on hand, but all three of my Pokemon were surprisingly absent from my repertoire :/

    Yeah, I'm Harbinger of Houndoom on there.
    EDIT: But you already beat my record...?

    See you at the top, mate.

    Team building takes a while, yeah. That why you see me use the same team all the time :-/ Oh, have you registered on the Project New World Forums yet?
    I could say the same to you ;)

    Not yet, catching a Mesprit with the right nature and nearly perfect IV's is a pain. Breeding a good Drapion wasn't much easier.
    Gah, stupid VM system. Post didn't go through, sorry.

    Eh, more or less. I would have killed to have mine that early.

    Haha, he would. That's probably wise, I want you to beat my record before I stand at the top again ;)
    Hey, long time no... type? I've been fine, working on my fics, my metagame teams, and trying to crack the BT open like usual. And I just got back from Spring Break in Florida.

    Hey, thanks :) I'm also working on a team that is an improved version of Jumpman's (and yeah, it's possible to improve it).
    Just being annoyed at the mass of people who have decided to get SoulSilver already, while I'm stuck here debating whether or not to actually buy it or just get a ROM. The ROM choice looks much more desirable right now. It's going alright, school work and music has been pretty much eating all of my time, and sleep every other day lol.
    That's a shame. I'm rating as well as I can without putting in too much effort that's probably wasted anyway, but yea. I need someone to learn from.

    It just went and broke, actually. 143. I beat 20 rounds, so I'm happy.

    Haha, I can't wait to get me SS. In a couple of months, lol. I play Football, Hockey, Cricket, and occasionally Tennis for my School so I should be racking up those steps in no time :)

    Yea... Damn it, some guy sent me a rate request yesterday. So I felt like I had to do a good rate, but his team was actually horrible and he hardly gave me any feedback at all :'( It's slowly calming down now, though.
    Aww, I thought we'd got someone to get IGRMT going again... We need people like you to come back xD

    Yea, I heard about Eon's streak. Can't have that, can we? ;) Mine's currently at 133, which I'm pretty happy with.

    Lucky you for having friends that play Pokémon irl.

    Lol, that's probably wise. It's been driving me mad lately, tbh, with the HGSS rush.
    Heh heh, I know how it is with the ladies, the wife
    tends to take up my spare time as well. ^^

    Yea, hopefully the forums will pick up again once
    HG/SS comes out. It's been rather dead around
    here for a while now.
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