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  • No, I've seen that guy. He's just some random dumbass. In any case, I've reported all his threads already.

    Trust me, if we were trolled, it would look more like Encyclopedia Dramatica.
    And there's the fact that I have virtually no sense of humour. But yeah, plenty to facepalm at.

    Minimodding? That is an actual rule (don't really get why). But I do it all the time, and I never get any infractions. Maybe because people are too afraid I'll cuss 'em out, or something :p
    I've seen a few IV Codes, actually, but most I know of had pretty shoddily put together looking codes. The one I use for every TM is the 'fixed' version of that and uses TM 17 (I think, whichever one is Protect), because more Pokemon can learn it.

    Yeah, it was one of the few things on the site that made me actually chuckle.
    Meh, I suppose despite how I may come off, we all have a softer side somewhere.

    You can find codes on the Internet, you know. People have come up with a code for Modifying IVs. I also have a code for modifying the amount of EVs the Medicines give, and I have an untested Code that will help get (most) Pokemon any Moves, which you can just Teach them Legal moves. It's for most Pokemon because they have to be able to learn the TM Protect.
    Your way of talking made me think you're a guy, but your name is a little misleading.

    It really is pathetic. It really is just a waste of time.

    I tried Pokesav, and it corrupted my game. Beware, it can be very effective, but one mistake can glitch up your game easily.
    Exactly. I played the 'right' way, and frankly, it can be time consuming bullshit.

    Amen, brother (or sister, I still have trouble figuring that out with you >_>), amen.
    I kind of just assumed that becauase, one, Blaziken doesn't learn it and they have very similiar Movepools, and two, well, he's a fire Type.

    Doesn't make a difference to me. I basically AR everything now, and I'll freely admit it. None of my Pokes have any Illegal bullshit.
    Hope you don't mind if I drop a message by.

    You're right, he doesn't learn Ice Punch. My bad for assuming that anything with a fist could learn any Punch.
    You're about half right-- Slaking can't learn Ice Punch. Normally (key word). It can, however, learn Ice Punch via a Platinum Move tutor. (I'm assuming you're playing Platinum, anyway) Located on route 212, a house with a sign next to it (you can't miss it). However you'll need 6 Blue Shards, and 2 Red Shards.

    Get that Ice Punch, and slaughtering Garchomp becomes easy as pie with that ape. lol. Hope this helps ya.
    I'm a little tired right now, but I'm pretty sure that Ape can't learn Ice Punch.

    Anyway, the Nature and EVs are Standard, but also take that you're using HP Ice into account. With Ice Punch, it needs just enough Attack to land a OHKO on Mence without Intimidate.
    Eh, please post on my Profile so see your messages sooner >_<

    Truthfully, I would actually say Infernape would be the better option. Gives better Type synergy, which is a big thing on most Teams. Really, as I see it right now, MixApe can easily break Walls, Azelf can get you an early lead, then a CB Scizor can easily clean up with Bullet Punch while shuffling easily around your Team wtith U-Turn.

    And by the way, the main reason I like CB Scizor is because of the mind games you can play with your opponent, which you can't do in the BT. Still like it more though.
    Go for it. I'm running the usual Nasty Plot Azelf as my lead, with Focus Sash. It's the most effective lead I've used, so I'm sticking to it. The next pokemon I'm using is Scizor, either the Swords Dance or Choice Band variation, I haven't decided. I know you have a preference for Choice Band, and that's the option I'm considering most. I wanted that third slot for a mixed sweeper. I originally had Infernape, but I'm attracted to Electivire's coverage as well. So go ahead and do what you must. I trust your opinion.

    Thanks for your help.
    Alright, I'm ready to give you some help. I still feel a little off, but that's probably because I haven't taken my meds today.

    Anyway, for the spread you're running... Really, it would be more helpful if I just scrapped your spread and walked you through another one. What does the rest of your Team look like?
    Do not think I will never help when I say this, but I would be of little help at the moment. I have a splitting head ache, got a grand total of around 4 hours of sleep due to my Dogs' barking, and in a overall bad mood. I will get around to helping you eventually, but for now, I need a rest from thinking. Apologies for the inconvienance given from my rather selfish decision.
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