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  • Actually, you'll want an odd Hp stat, to enusre you can make four Subs before needing to use Recover. So keep 252Hp, make the Special Attack lower b/c it won't make any difference to the offensive target you were aiming for.
    Gladly. What speed Teir were you aiming for? Neutral Base 100's might be a good start. I think that running 252Hp/20Def/160Sp.Atk/76Spe with a Timid Nature would work best. That'll allow you to hit that speed teir, max Hp, and attain a 150 Special Attack stat. If you want to max Special Attack rather than bulk, you have ample EV's to use.
    -If I can build a team that broke 250, why aren't I in New World?
    -Helping make a team that broke 15000 is win.
    -I also am making a team on my own for testing, this time for full awesomeness and victory.
    -Does anyone except me know how to make a good Hax-Proof team with stuff never shown on Smogon?
    -I'm making a hax guide for the late 3000's. Jumpman hasn't got much info about that, even if he is top of Smogon boards. I've seen the late 10000's.
    Shoot. Being able to only see a torrent of exciting feces must stink. Figuratively and literally, hah.

    Mm, I guess. I'm still wrapped in skepticism, though. Years of tutelage under BCVM22, maybe.
    Your location seems a bit preemptive, Vaporeon. I see no flaming noobs falling from the edges of buckling metaphorical skyscrapers of speculation.
    I agree. It's so nice to see how much interest and enthusiasm everyone seems to be showing for the BT.

    I'm thinking about switching Cresselia for Latias, but I'm not sure I want to do that, b/c then Dragonite would never get any use.
    Today’s EBONIC word from the Louisiana Public Schools:
    Let's use it in a sentence:
    'I should pop yo *** fo what you jus did, but omelette dis one slide.'
    Hey V4E, you don't know what the record for the Battle Factory in Platinum is, do you?
    Thanks :)
    EDIT: Also, the Multi Battles with an AI Trainer. Thanks.
    Hey, I'm making a team of members of IGRMT. I was thinking you would be in it, so who do you want to be?

    I'm gonna be Pidgeot/Sceptile
    Eon is Umbreon
    Grumpy Snorlax is Snorlax
    Ampy is Gallade

    I'm waiting for HailFlameBlast
    Yeah, I knew that that particular Foretress would bring me down. I'd beaten it before with a well timed Sub, but it just kept coming back.
    Anyway, I can't wait to see what Magnum Opus 2.0 has to offer. Good luck with it.
    Dude, I just got shot down in the BT T_T
    198 fricking wins, and the worst possible situation come up.
    946 Latias is the lead, and two DM's are all it takes to KO Spiritomb, but I managed to Trick the Scarf, and I used Articuno to KO. Then 780 Foretress comes out. I switch to Swampert, the damn thing explodes. I switch Articuno back in, and what should come out but 851 Aerodactyl? One Stone Edge, and I'm done. That was ridiculous.
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