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  • Do you mind if I add you as a friend? My FC is 2277-6776-7710, and I have Sandshrew, Nincada, and Diggersby. Sorry it's not what you're looking for.
    Just curious, but who were the other two Jumpluff was teamed up with? Grass/Flying has a ton of weaknesses.

    Unfortunately, there aren't many types that have great type synergy with Lop's Normal-type. To neutralize the Fighting attacks that Lop attracts, I'd probably opt for CM Mismagius in the second slot, but what of the third? Mismagius can't take physical hits, so a physically defensive Steel or Dark-type to resist Mismagius' Ghost and Dark weaknesses would be good. Of all the (defensive) Dark and Steel-types with a useful stat-boosting move, only these are available to me: Umbreon, Tyranitar, Drapion, Skarmory, Aggron (not that I'd ever consider him). From this list, I'd probably select Drapion. But that means I have a small total number of overall type resistances/immunities, which kinda defeats the entire purpose of TrickScarfing - to lock the opponent into a resisted move - doesn't it?
    I realized that the day after starting the thread, to my great mortification. But since the thread was already closed, I could not delete it. I should really research my strategies before posting them for all and sundry, aye?

    Thank you anyway.

    Very few Pokemon can learn Encore and Thunder Wave, the fastest being Alakazam, who is not only inaccessible due to my playing a ROM, but also ill-suited as a lead. (On that subject, I'm also opting for alternatives to the popular TrickScarf leads like Latias and Uxie for the fact that I can't obtain them.) The second fastest is Lopunny, who is more viable for a TrickScarf (or in this case, Switcheroo) strategy, but it can neither Screen nor Flash... Not to mention that it's a Normal-type with no resistances/immunities but Ghost...
    Thanks; I've posted on Smogon for a while and I learned a lot from the people there about how to battle in the Frontier, so I thought it would be good to bring some of that same information here. Even with trainer/Pokemon lists and a lot of theory, it still took me a lot of work to break 100 in the Battle Tower, so I figure people could use all the help they can get.
    Thanks for making some good rates in IGRMT. There are a lot of
    morons around who don't know what they're talking about, and
    it's nice to see some good information being spread around.
    Hey want the cyndaquil now? I'm going out of my country tomorrow so we won't be able to trade for a long time.
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