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  • Oh okay! That's good, cuz I happen to have a few dream ball pokemon on my Black game. Not sure how many are female though...Also, I cant tell you the Ivs of the pokemon for a few days, since I've got school(And with school comes homework...) but when I can, I can tell you which pokemon I can breed in a dream ball(That is, if you want one in a dream ball)!
    I've gotta go. But I have some lvl 1 dratinis with almost perfect Evs(Or is it IVs? It's the one that people have to breed a bunch of pokemon for, though). I have 3 dratinis with one missing Ev, all different genders and different natures and Evs. If you want to trade, though, we'll have to do it some other time, cuz I have to go to bed now...
    I do have a lvl 100 shiny venasaur named sierra mist in a nest ball, if you want to trade anything for it. I also have a few legendaries, but most of the shiny ones arent legit...
    I'm going to train mew too! And do lots of pokemon amie! Also, shiny honchkrow(Is that how you spell it?) is amazing and purple/pink, so you should definitly evolve it! XD
    What else would you like to trade? Most everything I have that I'm willing to trade is on PokeBank, so depending on what you wanted, I would have to get offline and back online again, which isn't a problem, it's just time-consuming.
    No, sorry. what was your friend code? And I completely forgot about the trade, I'm sooo sorry! I had school, then my mom made me go and sell cookies for the fundraiser, I'm so sorry! I know it probably sounds like I've just been making up excuses lately, but I'm really sorry! My friend code is 3754-8706-7499 in case you were wondering, and would it be possible to do it Thursday at 7:15 CST? I'll make a alarm on my watch(Which I wear 24/7) and hopefully not forget again... I'm really sorry about this, and if you want to give up on the trade, that'd be fine...
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