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  • Well this hasn't worked out and I don't know if it's because time zone was wrong meaning its actually 12:30am for me or whether you're just late or something.
    Either way I need to sleep now. Sorry! :/
    +1 at the moment become of daylight savings. The clocks went forward an hour so that makes me +1 but I'm normally +0. Once the clocks go back in the winter we will be back to '0' but for now the uk is +1.

    11:30pm is fine :) I'll try and catch you at 5:30pm your time tonight.
    11am your time is 5pm my time.
    You said it was 11am your time and when I look at the time sent it tells me 5pm.
    That mr.mime would be awesome!
    Will you be available tomorrow at all? If we say 12pm your time and 6pm your time? Just missed you today :/
    I'm assuming you're at work or something so I'm guessing that probably won't work?
    The earlier the better! If you're on about 11am your time or so then that makes it 3pm my time I believe. Since I'm gmt +1
    I assume you meant before 5pm your time?
    Lots of work lately until I get a few Part timers hired. One accepted yesterday. Other than that I have played in the casual tournament here lately. That has been lots of fun and I have gotten a lot of pokemon trained in the process. Breeding a HA Elctabuzz in an ultra ball. The 25% female rate makes it a slow one. Just going 1 iv at a time. The St Louis Cardinals and Blues have been playing so tuning into those when I get the chance.

    Is your arm stronger for the Birds now ?! Lol. I have gotten a lot of emails from the Wild Bird Rehab center lately where I took that bird last year explaining now is the peak time for birds falling out of nests etc. Have you guys been busier ? What did you find out on a car ?
    Yh it's been too long haha. How you doing?

    I'll be around all weekend so whenever really. Although I'll be watching the snooker for most of it so I'll be on and off periodically so better to tell me when you'll be available so I can make sure I catch you :)

    A female mr.mime would be wonderful if you could but not really important if you've already got a male.
    I don't know, I just clone them haha
    Hey VK it's been a while :)
    Just wondering if you could quickly breed me off a HA mr.mime. I don't know where I've put my one haha
    Any nature etc...
    I'll give you a pp up for it if that's alright?
    I know that those are legit but i'm sure that manaphy was downloadable on pokecheck so that's why i ask
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