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  • Yeah that's right, I actually couldn't find my moon stone so I just caught a Lunarone with a moon stone :p. Anyways, I'm ready to trade
    Yay I'm so glad we finally got this done, thank you very much for the Arceus! I have a thing for Bank Balls so Arceus in a Dream Ball really is something special for me :3
    Have a nice day, I'll go to bed now ^^
    Have I missed you again? I'll have to go to bed soon :/
    If yes, let me know when you are able to trade tomorrow, I need to know whether I should stay up late or rather set an alarm clock. I just want to get this trade done.
    Hey, sorry for my late reply, I've been on holidays and I only have internet on my phone but not in my DS. I'll get back tomorrow and I'll be able to trade from about 1:30-4pm your time if that works for you. Otherwise I'll have a day off on Tuesday so I could stay awake until some crazy time on Monday. Just be online as early as you can :'D
    Lol no I'm not able to trade at 3:25 am xD This turns out to be more complicated than I thought it would be. I'm not sleeping at my boyfriend's tonight so I could actually set up an alarm clock for the middle of the night, hoping that I will hear it. I need a time for that in advance though so if you read this message within the next hour, let me know ^^
    btw i know this sounds odd but i once got a 6 perfect iv rayquaza off of gts but i let someone hold on to it not knowing that it had those ivs if i get it back would you do that for the tatabana jirachi?
    thanks and i have your friend code mine is 2638-0272-5008
    i'm probably going to try and frequent here because there are some other pokemon i really want
    i'm online now so i'll get the celebi ready
    hi yes its fine did you read my last post?
    either way thank you for the time that you took to make him
    i'll get my game ready
    you do have my friend code right?
    Oh well, I guess we won't make it tonight either. When I tried to add you I only got a message that they were doing maintenance work and I can't come online -.- Is there any day you can be online before 4pm your time? It's nearly 1:30 am here and usually I can't stay up that late, at least not during the week :/
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