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  • Send out blissey attracting either a statuser or physical attacker, then switch in wobbuffett and either encore/safeguard them or use counter to obliterate them (with blissey using wish/aromatherapy to keep it healthy). It's sorta like a stall-chain.
    Yeah, that's what makes team selection pretty important. Aromatherapy/wish blissey is literally the perfect partner for it, as it can allow wobbuffett to get plenty of kills with blissey attracting physical attackers that wobbuffett can sorta destroy (aside from aegis). I personally don't use blissey due to my enjoyment of the "risk factor", but if you want minimal then I'd suggest getting one.
    I run encore/safeguard/counter/mirror coat. Latter two are self explanatory, safeguard is incredibly useful as I basically get 5 free turns of non-statusing, and encore pairs well with safeguard as I can lock things into moves (like t'wave/toxic) and then proceed to wreak havoc.
    Yeah, the reason magnezone is crappy this generation (will probably be UU) is because literally everything is running either a fighting or ground move to counter heatran/the new megas. Yet another reason to run wobbuffett, that and the fact that it can ohko literally every offensive pokemon in OU right now.
    The problem with my team right now is that literally no mega fits into it. Tyrannitar brings sandstorm which my team can't really abuse, gardevoir has that crappy defensive stat and brings nothing that rotom can't do, and venusaur/ampharos are both specially based which leaves me with no physical attacker to speak of. Aggron's the closest thing that fits, as it's one of the few things capable of setting up SR and thunder wave dozens of times in a match.
    (Scratch that, just noticed that Aggron can learn thunder wave. Tempted to rebuild my entire 6th gen UU team now)
    My pss thing says I randomly need a lot of things, as I change it in an attempt to get rid of those 5IV eevees. Aside from EV'ing help and a 5IV adamant aron with stealth rock/iron head/superpower/earthquake, I literally don't need anything.
    No worries. Clauncher was for that one trade you had in your shop, drifloon was for that smoochum, and I still have that damned meganium.
    It's okay, doesn't bother me in the least ^^ beside the curiosity of why it didn't go through.. And yup :3 I'm on wifi now.
    Yeah, I don't think I got anything ): I'm usually pretty good at NOT missing a message or a VM :< but it's okay - no worries lol and that sounds fine! I'm just ev training at the moment!
    You can officially eliminate that smoochum off the list of transactions (have the drifloon if you want it, has a timid nature/the egg moves destiny bond/tailwind/disable/defog).
    Think of the clauncher/smoochum as favors. As for the shiny meganium, why not make it a "Grass for grass" trade? My shiny meganium for that impish gts shiny tangela.
    Hatched two 4IV claunchers (one male/one female). Also, on an unrelated note I saw you wanted a shiny chikorita in your "wants section", which is semi-ironic as I have a shiny meganium from wonder trades that I don't really want due to the fact it's japanese/has crappy IVs and nature. If you wanted to have it, feel free.
    Yeah, I'm just starting to get used to egg groups (didn't play any of the gen 3/4 games, and only started playing again about half way through b/w). Oh, and I found a modest squirtle in my bank with a few egg moves (aura sphere, dragon pulse, water pulse). Depending on how viable it is competitively I may keep one of these "claunchers" and test it out on that baton pass team.
    Pretty simple: the one he wanted was timid and the only H/A nasty plot Jynx I have is a shiny modest one. 60 eggs for a timid natured one, then had to rebreed for IVs (had about 3 boxes full of ones having flawless IVs minus speed). Clauncher shouldn't take too long as I already have a flawless one and a 3IV one with a modest nature.
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