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  • I have some good news and bad news. The good news is I'm available to trade and have Phanpy ready in the Heavy Ball IV bred w/ its egg moves. The bad news that makes the good news rather moot is I don't have Skarmory or Houndour ready. My friend was too busy to play lately, so I have to go find them now in my own game (I beat the elite four in both my Heartgold and Soulsilver, but didn't continue into Kanto). Skarmory is ready to breed because I got stealth rock for it at Celedon, but Houndour I'm out of Moon Balls.
    So basically I'm not ready to trade. However, if you want the Phanpy now, I'll be up for a couple of hours so I can get Kurt to make my Moon Balls (I have some others being made right now, so I have to wait). I'm really sorry that I'm wasting your time. This is honestly not intentional. I'm going to try to breed the last two over this week, and hopefully I'll have them on Wednesday or Thursday, but I'll keep you updated. Again, if my timing is problematic, let me know.
    Hey are you free to trade? I have the Riolu ready :) Also, could you rename the Swinub "Pliocene"? And could I trade back the Hawlucha you traded me for you to rename? Lots of questions I know. If not, we can try another day.
    Hey Varanus, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Its been crazy lately with this school year wrapping up for me and all the exams I've got coming up. We had made a deal for a Jolteon and Ferrothorn for a Charmander and Squirtle in your trade shop. If it isnt too much too ask, I'd like to wait until Thursday to trade as my schedule right now with studying, school, and work is absolute chaos.
    Hey, I'm so sorry. I was supposed to trade w/ you today, but I got home MUCH later than I expected. I can't trade today because I have to go somewhere early tomorrow. I hope Sunday won't have anything getting in the way so I can trade you the stuff. Again, if any problems arise because of the situation, let me know. Sorry again
    I wasn't lol And I never use dragons. I used Salamence and Garchomp on Y for the first time.
    OMG. I'm looking at togekiss thinking Normal/Flying still lol

    I jus threw them together for the nightly battle lol
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