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  • I was looking at your shop again, had a bit of an idea that could help both of us. A bit recently, I took on a breeding project from a guy wanting a plethoria of belly drum pokemon for his in game team. Long story short, if you needed help taking care of a few of those trade requests (notably the belly drum/synthesis adamant chespin) I'd be more than willing to help at no charge.
    Would you be able to quickly zero out said pokemon? I'd do it myself, but my recent luck with bags consists of 100 large HP ones and a bunch of plasma ones.
    Question: do you have any of those super training bags that zero out a pokemon's EVs? I managed to acquire two flawless competitive pokemon with completely unusable distribution, hoping to try them on wifi.
    Yeah, sorry we missed each other the other day. I'll be around this evening, although with the time difference, I'm not sure how well evenings will work (I'm usually only back around 8 p.m. PST, with additional allowances for food and social considerations). We could shoot for this weekend as well, assuming you aren't observing/don't have a lot going on for Easter.
    That's definitely fine. xD I know how you feel when it comes to dealing to with requests that require a specific gender and IVs, because I've been there plenty of times, too. lol
    Thanks for the update, by the way. ^^
    Hey, sorry I took so long to get back. I am currently out of town right now w/ no wifi for my ds, and I should be back Wednesday. I should have everything done by Friday bcuz I need to trade w/ a friend, which I can't do right now. If that's a problem, let me know. But thx for cloning so promptly.
    The Pineco you currently have is fine. I'll be available intermittently tomorrow; probably 1:30 p.m. PST (I think that's 3:30 your time) would be the most practical for me, but I can probably see about other timings or moving into the weeknights. Any preference from your end?

    Friend Code: 4270-2283-8200
    IGN: Camilo
    Hey VK, I was just wondering how far you've gotten with my order? I totally understand if you've been busy, just want to know how close you are. :)
    Ah, that's alright. xD I'll forgo that egg move for now, and perhaps I might try to figure out how to breed Icy Wind onto it whenever I can. o.o
    that is okay, they called me at 5 a.m. for a quality issue in the production line so i am at work , we can trade at night
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