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  • thanks, it just that the company is gonna make me take 1 day of my vacations for tomorrow so i want to train a poke if i can. :D
    hi varanus i know that you are packed with trades,but how long do you think is going to take you that aerodactyl?
    Okay, that's cool! I think what sounds best would be breeding something, so I'll have to take a look at your shop and make an offer really soon. Thanks!
    I know this might not be the best way to ask it, but since my question is (1) a little...insubstantial to ask in your trade shop and (2) a bit weird, I figured I should ask via VM: what would you say if I popped in your shop and basically just threw a bunch of the items on your "want" list your way?

    Or, to ask my question in a way that is a bit less fun but a lot more coherent, do you have any rough guidelines on how you assess the value of evolution items and therefore what you would or would not be willing to trade for them?
    Hi Varanus, bit of a shot in the dark, but I wondered if you were on right now to trade my male 5IV HA Meditite for your 5IV HA Hawlucha? Friend Code: 1590 - 5998 - 7203. I'll be on for the next 10 minutes if you are. If not, I'll PM you and we can plan a better time. Cheers, J
    Oh, no... on second thought I think that was a random nice from another trainer. Welp. Anyway, thanks very much, Varanus. =)
    Yeah, I'm here. And that's convenient, then, thanks! I have a ton of 5IV Modest Rain Dish Squirtles with Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere, if you want one of 'em.
    Varanus, I don't mean to be a nuisance, but I was wondering if you had access to an extra Unaware Wooper or Quagsire you'd be willing to send my way? I haven't any idea if I can offer in return something you don't already have in spades, though. ^_^;
    Sure! I'll be patient! :)
    That battle was really stressing. I wasn't sure if confusion was healed with Lum Berry, so I gave it a try. My initial plan was to live an Outrage and burn you with a Scald, but still. You battled really well, and I was almost certain I would lose. That's the price to pay for using the poweful Outrage, I guess! And yeah, Sea and I won, but we were communicating while you two weren't, so it was hard to tell what moves you were going to do and it was difficult to rely on the other.

    I'm glad to hear that you like my team! I prefer originality over effectiveness, but oddly enough, this team works pretty well. My favorite so far is that Ambipom. It hits like a damn truck it's insane. Can't wait to see your new members! Next time I battle you, it's going to be with me imperfect shinies! :D
    Hey there, varanus! First of all, congrats on your latest shinies and Shiny Charm! :D
    I just came here quickly to thank you for the nice battles you gave me lately! I don't think you know, but I was actually Sea's partner during the Multi Battle we did not so long ago and I just battled you few minutes ago. My name is Max, and I'm probably in your X/Y aquaintances. :)
    If you would like to add me in your friend list, I'm fine with it! I'd love to have some more rematches with you! Your team is awesome too. Your Dragonite scared the hell out of me in our last battle, though. You were so close of winning!
    Thanks for the trade! Hopefully someday in the future when you or I need something we can trade again. :)
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