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  • Alright sounds good! :)
    I'll be online at 4:00pm (central time) so you'll see me online then.
    Well I can trade right now if you are free. If not well at around 7pm at EST time (probably meaning 6 for central time). Also did you want only the moonball gastly or do you also want the moon ball ralts (I don't mind giving them both since both don't have the right nature or good IVs)
    Ohhh okay Varanus :)
    Well I can be on anytime, but if we can make a meeting it'd be easier for the both of us?
    How about 4pm today (4/5/2014)? If you're free. If not you can VM me sooner than 3pm as I'm free this weekend or VM me for a different date or time. Just let me know!
    *P.S. I was wondering if you could give me a Palkia too (I've been wanting one since Pearl/Platinum came out but never got the chance). I'll give you a Absolite for the generosity.**
    I almost completely forgot about them, mind you I have been busy. In an attempt to expand my defensive pokemon, I IV-bred a 5IV bergmite, flabebe, xatu, and carbink. I doubt any of them will see much use with registeel being godly in OU right now (with enough defensive EV's, it can survive a +2 talonflame flare blitz and kill it with rock slide).
    Bit of news: I managed to snag one of those old-school "Action replay" thingies. If you need any 5th gen rare candies/masterballs, lemme know.
    Hi Varanus - excellent news! I am available for the trade whenever you are. The only problem will be planning a time for us both. I am BST (GMT+1) and am mostly available between 6-11pm that time. When can you normally trade?

    Really sorry to bother you again, but whenever you are free could you help me evolve my shiny Porygon into Porygon2? It would really be appreciated.
    Hi, I was wondering if you could do a favor for me. Would you be able to trade and then trade back your Xerneas so I can get it in my Pokedex? I can trade for my 4IV Yveltal as collateral during the trade and trade back.
    its ready,also if possible I want the legal Japanese ditto from 6th gen,my fc is 4141 3295 4477,tell me when you ready to trade,whats your fc?
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