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  • Oh! 1 last question
    what names, if any, do you want them to have? (this will be a while so take your time)
    The choir, you're preaching to it. Human features on a pokemon, especially one that isn't bipedal, looks silly. Very well, no shiny zorua, instead I'll make a shiny rufflet with that fletchling
    Like I said, terrible.
    Any egg moves you'd like on your fennekin, fletchling, or rufflet? :)
    Then it's settled...you're getting a shiny gale wings fletchling, AND a shiny fennekin (I'd breed a vulpix but I can't stand shiny ninetails) AND a shiny zorua if I hatch the others fast enough. I know, I'm terrible :)
    Are you one of those fire fox lovers? Well you have your preferences and I have mine (and Chestnaught is indisputably awesome). But I'd feel terrible if I didn't offer you something in return...Pick a pokemon, any breedable pokemon and I'll breed a shiny one with a nature and egg moves to your liking (and if you are oh so humble not to ask I will breed a shiny flygon for you anyway, and I'll feel bad if you don't take it...don't want that on your conscience! Just kidding...about the conscious thing not the flygon cause I will do it)
    Actually, could you clone me one of those flawless Japanese dittos? It would really help if my shines had a good nature AND a chance at 4-5 perfect ivs.
    How about a kangaskanite and blastoisite for it?
    Well I got my shiny Solosis (124 eggs). Do you by chance have an atk nature electrike with good Ivs? ( I actually don't have one)
    Oh was there? I didn't know that >.<

    Well if you can get it in game then it shouldn't be too hard to get as long as you have the MT requirements. :)
    Well I think you would have to catch one in Gen 2 first then transfer it through the gens getting the moves as you move through each Gen. I don't think there's any way to get Shuckle in Gen 3 :|

    If you want to try it then go ahead but it is a lot of work just for those moves :p
    No, that's my black FC.
    Here is the correct FC 4570-8714-5754.
    Sure, we'll trade when you are free. Im in no hurry :)
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