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  • It's rly 'cause I forgot about a previous trade I had scheduled for another Bulbasaur. So I don't need it; sorry. :c Four for four will be fine, yeah?
    I'm interested in these:
    Near Flawless Pansage - Lv 5 - Hasty - 31/31/31/31/30/31
    Near Flawless Rotom - Lv 1 - Timid - 31/30/31/31/31/31
    Flawless Bulbasaur - Lv 5 - Hardy
    Flawless Croagunk - Lv 1 - Adamant

    I will post my list in a moment. c:
    I'm quite interested in a few of your shinies. c: Since you have those already, is there anything else you're particularly interested in? I have some flawless pokemon and events I can list for you.
    Hey umm, I am really sorry that I haven't traded yet, I got grounded and then my computer and iPod broke, but in about a week when everything I settled( If not sooner) I think I can trade. Vm me soon please.
    I will wait in the room if it says I'm not on the forums I still am but on YouTube okay lol how's your night going lol
    Im interested in your Shiny timid Lugia.

    This is what i have to offer:

    LF: Shiny: Zorua, Snivy, eevees. You can offer any shinies these are just prefered.
    LF: Timid/Modest Reshiram. Jolly/ Adamant Zekrom. Timid Thundurus.
    LF: Shiny Legendaries.
    LF: Event Timid Shaymin, Modest Darkrai.
    No hacked pokemon or named pokemon

    ~Shiny Pokemon~
    Dragonair- lv.30 male- Rash.
    Beedrill- lv.10 male- Bashful.
    Piplup- named- lv.5 male- Quirky.
    Cyndaquil- lv.1 male- lax.
    Furret- lv.17 male- impish.
    Skitty- lv.40 Female- Rash.
    Delcatty- lv.40 Female- Timid.
    Lickylicky- lv.21 Female- Timid.
    Snorlax- lv.6 Male- Quirky.
    Staraptor- lv.35 Female- Hasty.
    Growlithe- lv.5 male- Adamant- *Currently waiting to be traded*
    Charizard- lv.42 male- Modest.
    Weaville x3- lv.42 x2 male 1x female- Jolly[m], Careful[f], Naughty[m].
    Frosslass- lv.42- Gentle.
    Glalie- lv.42 male- Careful.
    Abomasnow- lv.43 female- Jolly.
    Pichu- Event- lv.30 male- Jolly.
    Pikachu- lv.24 female- Brave.
    Shinx- lv.3 female- Mild.
    Magnemite- lv.29- Hardy.
    Gallade- lv.23- Quiet.
    Sableye- lv.33 female- Quiet.
    Raichu- lv.56 Male- Modest.
    Glaceon- lv.39 Male- Modest.
    Leafeon- lv.8 Male- Adamant.
    Umbreon- lv.55 Male- Careful.
    Espeon- lv.23 Female- Timid.
    Vaporeon- lv.12 Male- Modest.
    Jolteon- lv.11 Male- Relaxed.
    Flareon- lv.1 Female- Lonely.
    Crown Event= Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and Celebis *not shiny*

    Can EV train pokemon.
    Subway Items.
    Hi can i have your near flawless shiny venipede? Ill trade you a smeargle. I dont know if it ut or near flawless, i got it from a trade
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