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Recent content by Vashperado_S

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    Bad pick-up lines

    Ooh Ooh! I got one, and I believe I made it up myself as I have never seen it anywhere else... Ok: Your like an IcyHot patch, Hott and Cool at the same time and you make people feel better. All my friends seemed to like it ~_~...
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    What anime series are you currently watching?

    I WAS watching One Piece until they replaced it with Bakugan crap show... Now I watch my computor screen, scanning for more people ****** about this change of shows
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    Worst Anime's of the 21st Century

    I heard someone say that Zoids and Gundam SD were bad, and I loved them shows, but the worst anime show thing ever made IMO is Bakugan... As I just made a thread about how much I hate it that they replaced One Piece with this crap-bucket show
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    One Piece or this Bakugan Crap?

    Yes, Hiatus, thats the word i was looking for, thank you and another thing, What pokemon do you think would match the one piece characters? The only thing i can think of is ;123; = Roronoa Zolo and maybe ;132; = luffy, but not really...
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    One Piece or this Bakugan Crap?

    lol, i meant i could read what happens next in the manga, as they are already well past the skypiea saga to the point where -Possible Spoiler- Luffy has his gear second and gear third abilities and is fighting the zombie Oz. -End pf Possible Spoiler-
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    One Piece or this Bakugan Crap?

    I guess i can read what happens next in the anime, but its not so fun... but if its the closest i have i guess ill have to deal with it... maybe theyre just taking a hiata (i think thats what the word is...) and letting the anime catch up a little as it is still not even in the mr crocodile saga...
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    One Piece or this Bakugan Crap?

    Huh? Since when was it announced? I remember watching one piece last week... And there is nothing else to watch ~_~... It makes me sad...
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    One Piece or this Bakugan Crap?

    I am soooo P.O.ed that they took One Piece off cartoon network and replaced it with this fake yugioh crap piece of poo bakugan... no one likes it and they were FINALLY getting to a good part in one piece with eneru (my favorite character in the series as he resembles my favorite deity...
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    US to Shoot Down Broken Spy Satellite

    I know, I read that, but I thought that meant that it was a spy satellite from a different country spying on us.... EDIT: Ok if we put it up, and its the fuel that is toxic-like, and we have to shoot it down before it reaches earths atmosphere and the fuel goes everywhere, why is it returning...
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    US to Shoot Down Broken Spy Satellite

    I read this on my celltop on my cell phone, but didnt read anything about WHO put it there... does anyone actually know who put that thing up there in the first place?
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    Arceus: God or god

    If arceus was god, dont you think we wouldve heard about him/it in earlier seasons? I actually think that ho-oh would be considered more of a diety than arceus, not because of his strength, but because he has hardly ever been seen, in anime game or manga, and in the anime, ho-oh was seen on the...
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    Who's your Poke' mascot?

    forgot the fact, uhm... It acts as my mp3 player by amplifying music through the tubes on the back of its head? but its true!!!
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    Who's your Poke' mascot?

    ;295; exploud!!! ;295;!!!
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    If You Could Have....

    If you could have ANY pokemon in real life, what / who would it be? This isn't a thread about 'what would you do it pokemon were real' thread, its a 'what pokemon would you have'... Im ready to be flamed... But I would want an ;295; Exploud ;295; because if you go to my profile thing youll see...
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    Would you like to see a different combination of starting pokemon types in the future

    ive actually thought of this, but in the anime and manga, the characters do not always start with starter pokemon... for instance, red i think his name was started with poliwag, and later got bulbasaur, and yellow doesnt even have a starter pokemon, just dodou raticate and pikachu which is...