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    Okies. Cool. My Mexican boy. Mine. XD

    My brain is shot and I have to write a report on Italy. Greaaaaat.

    I'm sorryyyy!


    It looks like everyone else is trying to make moves on you. But they can't! Cuz you're mine xP


    Hmm, where to go...
    Lol! yeah Juice just likes you in that special way. Hey can't contain his feelings any longer ;]]]]]]]]]]]
    It just looked like you XD

    But now it's gone, and there are like 3 Rodriguez's. So...add me and we'll be good XD

    I'm the emo-looking girl with the sad face, and the eyeliner all over ahahahaha.

    Probably the only Rei Jacoby on there.
    Which one is you? lolz.

    The 'Rodriguez' one...?

    I'm Rei Jacoby, so if I don't add you for a while (I might not have PC access for a little while), add me XD
    IRC...I know what that means...*snaps fingers* Dang. Nuthin'.

    You do know that your thingy says 'Best tittle ever', right? XD

    Are you on FaceBook? (*doesn't have a MySpace*)

    omg stalker omg jk XD

    Wow, that was random.
    Yeah, I just figured it out, he thought I was someone on IRC hahahaha. Funny. I'm too protective of myself. There have been some older-men-who-say-they're-younger-flirting-with-me-online incidents and now I'm kind of careful.

    I dunno, maybe I'm just paranoid. :D

    Anyway. I see my last comment is the last comment you got. Why doesn't anyone talk to you? *is confused* The thing is, I get annoyed with friend requests because they always request people and never talk to them. I dunno. It's just a pet peeve I have.

    *goes and hits hammer into wall in annoyance*

    Oh yeah, I posted another picture of me. In the 'tell me i'm pretty' thread. If you care to see it, just go to my profile and click the 'show all statistics' on the right, and then see my posts. It should be either the recent-est one or close to it.

    If not, ignore me. As everyone seems to do anyway lolz.

    The pic is more recent, like a week ago. Which is why I'm telling you. XD
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